Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Big shake up in 2022 Power Rankings

Dayton Wolves Program Enjoy Big Weekend
In response to the results of the American Cage Classic in Cleveland and the Dayton Metro Roundball Classic in Dayton this past weekend, there have been some significant changes to the Buckeye Prep Power Rankings.  In Dayton, the Dayton Wolves knocked off then #2 ranked North Coast Blue Chips 52-42 in the championship game. In that game, Mekhi Elmore dropped a gaudy 27 points, while Sellers Littles finished with 11 points and 7 assists and Dontez Jones finished with 10 points and 11 assists.

The American Cage Classic had 5 teams listed in Buckeye Prep’s Power Ranking, including: the TNBA Shooting Stars, Court Leaders, Another Level, Dawg Days Basketball, and Hard Work Basketball. Below are the individual team results for each team for the weekend.

TNBA Shooting Stars- Beat Court Leaders in pool play and lost 55-38 to Another Level in the semi finals. This followed their loss to a very marginal VSN Trailblazers team (Youngstown, OH) in the Dru Joyce tournament last weekend.

Court Leaders- Lost 40-28 in pool play vs TNBA Shooting Stars, and lost 47-45 in the quarterfinals vs ABC Argento. Based on ABC Argento’s play at the event, they have cracked our Power Rankings for the first time this season. From what we understand, they are a really solid team and have similar personnel to the SMAC Akron Elite team we profiled on our site last week.

Another Level- Were clearly the best team in this tournament. Their closest game was 65-49 in the finals vs Dawg Days Basketball. They beat Hard Work Basketball, TNBA Shooting Stars, and Dawg Days Basketball (twice) by very comfortable margins over the weekend. Based on their performance, Another Level has made a huge jump in our rankings. 

Dawg Days Basketball- Defeated Hard Work Basketball 65-54 in pool play and lost 66-26 vs Another Level in pool play. They then defeated ABC Argento 59-50 in the semifinals before losing to Another Level in the finals. Dawg Days Basketball has played an absolutely brutal schedule, has strung together two good weekends in a row and is playing much better than what we saw earlier in the season. In fact, they have wins the last two weekends against Hard Work Basketball, Lakeshore 185, Michigan Mustangs, and ABC Argento, all very quality wins.  Based on their recent run, Dawg Days Basketball has also made a move up our Power Rankings.

Hard Work Basketball- They got stuck in a tough pool this weekend. Both of their pool losses vs Dawg Days Basketball and Another Level eliminated them from even advancing to the bracket. Two teams from their pool played in the finals.  Below is a link to the updated Power Rankings.


  1. Air Attack Mcafee beat abc Argentino

  2. These rankings are meaningless. Rob definitely puts the effort in and it's appreciated but it's not possible to accurately track every team in Ohio and give proper rankings. These are just for fun.