Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Take a look inside at the recent Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  The video below provides some prospective of how the event is run and the talent level that is attracted to the event.  The Buckeye Prep motto, "Elite Competition & Maximum Exposure" is clearly depicted in the video. Come join us March 4, 2017 for our Spring showcase! Enjoy!

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Video

Buckeye Prep Releases 2016 Post Season Awards

Cochran, Livingston, Christenson, Lori, Humphrey, Brandon, Molton, Young & Yauger
Now that the Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is in the books and the 2016 grassroots basketball season has concluded, it’s time for us to release our complete list of post-season award winners.  As some of you may already know, we announced our 1st Team All-Ohio and 1st Team All-Academic Team recipients at the showcase last week. As we indicated at the showcase, selection for our awards was limited to Ohio players, and was based on our observations throughout the spring and summer at Buckeye Prep and other elite events around the state. 

For the most part, selection was about exposure and consistent standout performances. As we know, there are always players who deserve more recognition, but for whatever reason, they often go unnoticed early.  At the end of the day, you and/or your team have to play at the most competitive events as often as possible, and you have to consistently perform at a high level. If you are not playing in elite showcase events or your travel team plays in smaller, less competitive tournaments, you’re not going to get the competition or exposure you need and deserve!

As we have done for more than 15 years, the Buckeye Prep Report seeks to provide a positive platform where young aspiring basketball players can get elite competition and maximum exposure so that they have a better opportunity of reaching their future basketball-related goals.  With that said, we will be the first to admit that early exposure does not guarantee future success; however, exposure allows for hard work and dedication to be recognized and rewarded through invitations to elite events where the best players compete and where people who matter can evaluate them. It’s our hope that the recognition we provide will serve as a source of motivation for players to continue to hone their skills, both athletically and academically.  We will never see every player, but we do our best to attend events where the most talented players should be.

Chris Mayfield, Seth Wilson, Chris Livingston & Gabe Cupps
As a reminder, the following players were selected as Buckeye Prep Players of the Year: Chris Mayfield (2020/Hilliard), Seth Wilson (2021/Lorain), Chris Livingston (2022/Akron) and Gabe Cupps (2023/Dayton).  From our observations, each of the aforementioned players logged in consistently high performances and were key pieces to very successful teams that competed at a high level. In addition, each of these players have already garnered national attention and are well known in elite basketball circles.

Below is a link to our complete list of award recipients.  If your name appears on our lists, we suggest you keep working and developing to move up or to stay on the list.  If you have not yet been recognized or your talent has been under appreciated, we suggest you continue to work hard and your day will come.  Congratulations to all the players, coaches and teams who have been recognized. We hope you have an enjoyable school season and we are already looking forward to the 2017 grassroots season!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Top 100

Cupps, Burroughs, Swain, Roberts, Hayes, Greenlee, Molton, Head & Brandon
We’ve already posted several articles about the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and have highlighted a number of the top performers. However, below is a more comprehensive list of the top 100 standout performers at the showcase.  We/re never able to evaluate and spotlight every player that is deserving of recognition, but the list below comes close to spotlighting the very best at the event.

Top 100 Standout Performers:

Jalen Miller (2018/SG/MI), Jeremy Baker (2020/WF/IN), Darius Dudley (2017/SG/OH), Morgan Safford (2019/SG/OH), Kevin Rice Jr. (2020/SG/MI), Wendell Green Jr. (2020/PG/MI), Zach Loveday (2020/C/OH), Montorie Foster Jr. (2020/CG/OH), Von Cameron Davis (2020/PF/OH), BJ Bransford (2020/SG/OH), Isaiah Kennedy (2020/PG/OH), Marcus Johnson (2020/WF/OH), CJ Anthony (2020/SG/OH), Chris Mayfield (2020/PF/OH), Aaron Ward (2020/PF/OH), Vontray Nickerson (2020/G/MI), Zeb Jackson (2020/PG/OH), Darion Henry (2020/PF/OH), Nic Smith/2020/PF/OH), Noah Pruitt (2020/G/MI), Kalen Coker (2020/CG/IN), Cameron Awls (2020/SG/OH), Ryan Conway (2021/SG/MD), Keon Henderson (2021/PG/MI), Seth Wilson (2021/G/OH), Meechie Johnson (2021/PG/OH), Brent Walker (2021/PF/OH), KJ Rai (2021/SG/MI), Pierre Brooks II (2021/SG/MI), Jalen Dial (2021/PG/OH), Montev Ware (2021/SG/OH), Malachi Branham (2021/WF/OH), Julian Roper II (2021/SG/MI), Luke Brown (2021/PG/IN), Omar Abuhamede (2021/PG/OH), Tae Perie (2021/PG/OH), Jabali Leonard (2021/G/OH), Trey James (2021/C/KY), Quincy Clark (2021/PG/OH), Juan Reyna II (2021/SG/TX), Rynell Burt (2021/PH/MD), Terron Tony Jr. (2021/SG/KY), Antwon Lockhart (2021/WF/KY), Jaden Hawkins-White (2021/SG/OH), Darius Washington (2021/WF/KY), Jaden Hameed (2021/SG/OH), Cameron Baker (2021/PG/MI), Courage Ogbeide (2021/WF/CN), Cory Vanhoose (2021/WF/KY), Deajuan Stepp (2021/WF/KY), Jack Sawyer (2021/SG/OH), EJ Farmer (2021/PG/OH), Jaden Rogers (2021/PG/KY), MarSaun Robinson (2021/CG/OH), Chris Livingston (2022/WF/OH), Paul McMillian IV (2022/CG/OH), Sonny Johnson Jr. (2022/PG/OH), Jordan Hale-Frater (2022/PF/OH), Alex Watters (2022/WF/MI), Nate Houston III (2022/ SG/OH), Cameron Myles (2022/WF/OH), Mason Docks (2022/PG/MI), Sellers Littles III (2022/PG/OH), Khalil Luster (2022/PG/OH), Christian Winborne (2022/SG/MD), Elmore James IV (2022/WF/OH), Jamel Smith II (2022/WF/OH), Marquise Davenport (2022/PF/MI) and  Jaden Schooler (2022/G/KY).

Hornbeam, Wheeler, Moore, Frazier, Walker, Lori, Woodard, Allen & Allen
LA Hayes (2023/PG/OH), Gabe Cupps (2023/CG/OH), Dre’sean Roberts (2023/PG/OH), Michael Greenlee Jr. (2023/PG/OH), Adisa Molton (2023/PG/OH), Antaune Allen (2023/WF/OH), DJ Dormu (2023/SG/MD), Kaleb Glenn (2023/C/KY), CJ Hornbeak (2023/PF/OH), Jyles Brandon (2023/PG/OH), Nick Williams (2023/SG/OH), Mason Shrout (2023/G/OH), Andre Wheller Jr. (2023/PG/OH), Marquez Frazier (2023/PG/OH), Kellon Smith (2023/SG/OH), Paul Woodard (2023/PG/OH), Cody Head (2023/PF/OH), Mardredcus Moreland Jr. (2023/SG/AL), Jayvion Moore (2023/C/OH), Dailyn Swain (2023/SG/OH), Jerry Easter Jr. (2024/PG/OH), Javen "Tank" Vaughn (2024/PG/OH), Delmar Blanton (2024/SG/OH), Jordan Lowrey (2024/PG/MO), Moses Blackwell (2024/SG/MI), Markus Blackwell (2024/SG/MI), LeVelle Sharpe (2024/SG/OH), Julian Bunton (2024/SG/KY), Darryn Peterson (2024/G/OH), Julian Bunton (2024/WF/KY), Jaden Payne (2024/WF/OH), David Hagen (2024/CG/KY), John Mobley Jr. (2024/PG/OH) and Cole Edelen (2025/PG/KY) and Mason Carpenter (2024/SG/IN).

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blue Chip Report Coverage of Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

As we promised, the media exposure at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase was big time.  One such media outlet was the Blue Chip Report, which has published 3 recaps of last weekend's event to date. Below is a link their reports.

Blue Chip Report Recaps

Buckeye Prep North vs South All-Star Game Results

Davis, Henry, Wilson, Livingston, McMillian, Ware, Hayes & Walker
For only the 3rd time ever, the 2016 Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase played host to a series of 4 Ohio North vs South all-star games in grades 6th-9th.  Because these elite games attracted many of Ohio’s top 20 players in the 4 aforementioned classes, these games served as an excellent platform for a high level of competition and exposure. In addition, because the rosters were developed based on the player’s region of residence, the outcome of the games allowed for bragging rights about who plays the best basketball in the state, north or south.

In the 9th grade division, the South all-stars used balanced scoring to cruise to a comfortable 75-60 win over the North. Cincinnati’s Dorian Henry took home MVP honors for the South with 9 points, while the North squad was led in scoring by Columbus’ Von Cameron Davis who finished with a game-high 14 points.  In the 8th grade division, the South was victorious again on the strength of a close 64-63 win. Cincinnati’s Montev Ware paced the South with a game-high 13 points, while the North was led in scoring by Seth Wilson who went for 10 points. 

The South made it 3 wins in a row with a 82-57 blowout over the North.  Cincinnati’s Paul McMillian IV exploded for a game-high 32 points on his way to MVP honors.  Although Akron’s Chris Livingston dropped an impressive 23 points to pace the North, the South was just too powerful.  In the 6th grade division, the North finally got on the board with a 1-point victory over the South.  MVPs were Columbus’ Chase Walker and Cleveland’s LA Hayes.  Well there you have it; it looks like the South has bragging rights for at least another 365 days with their 3-1 tally over the weekend.  Regardless of the win/loss record, it’s clear the Buckeye State is brimming over with talent.  Congratulations to all of the players who participated in these prestigious games and representing their regions.

Photo Gallery

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Von Cameron Davis Has D-I Potential

Von Cameron Davis-2020 Walnut Ridge HS
This past weekend at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, Von Cameron Davis (6’2/PF/2020/Columbus) stepped onto the big stage and established himself as one of the top 10 freshmen in the state with consistent standout performances. In fact, in all-star games against the state and region’s best, Davis performed at an elite level and was rewarded with multiple MVP awards.  Davis is blessed with good length, athleticism and a feathery touch around the rim.  He’s not yet explosive, but his long arms, footwork and motor allow him to score in the paint.  The lefty runs the floor well, has full control of his body and can also convert the mid-range jumper and guard the rim against would be shooters. 

As he continues to develop his right hand, puts weight on his frame, tightens his handle and adds range on his jump shot, Davis has the potential to move to the wing at the next level.  Speaking of next level, Davis will be an early contributor at the varsity level at Walnut Ridge High School, and is easily a D-I prospect with continued growth and development. The highlight video below illustrates Davis’ many attributes.  To the many college coaches who regularly visit this website, we suggest you get Davis on a campus for an early unofficial visit as soon as possible!

Kennedy Receives Interest from Ohio State

Isaiah Kennedy-2020 Wayne HS
The Buckeye Prep Report would like to extend congratulations to Isaiah Kennedy (5'10/combo guard/2020/Wayne HS) for recently receiving a letter of interest from The Ohio State University.  Kennedy has been a long-term Buckeye Prep supporter and has excelled at most of our events.  In fact, just this past weekend, Kennedy participated in the prestigious Ohio North vs South  and Ohio vs Michigan all-star games as part of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  In return for his hard work and dedication to his craft, Pitman is drawing interest from one of the top programs in country.  With growth and development, Pittman has a chance to turn the Buckeye's interest into an actual scholarship offer.  Keep working Isaiah!

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase All-Star Game Rosters Released

Baker, Mayfield, Conway, Johnson, Walker, Brooks, Henderson, Luster & Livingston
With so much talent in the gym from many areas of the country, making a final day all-star game on Sunday at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase turned out to be a huge accomplishment!  Not only were Ohio’s top players at the event, some of the region and nation’s most elite players battled it out for a few coveted all-star game bids. Because of the depth of talent in several age divisions, Top 40 games were offered in 3 grade divisions (7th, 8th & High School).  In the high school division alone, a number players ranked as high as 2nd on their teams did not make the Top 20 cut.  As far as we are concerned, there was absolutely no shame in making and playing in one of the top 40 all-star games.

Below is a link to the all-star game rosters.  In addition to the list of all-stars, the Top 5 Award winners are highlighted in red.  Selection to the Top 5 signifies a player as a star among stars! The list of all-stars in this year’s event is a virtual who’s who among basketball’s elites.  In the 3 Top 40 games, 2 MVPs were chosen.  Congratulations to all of the players who made the various all-star games.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Johnson Secures D-I Offer

Marcus Johnson-2020
As further proof that college coaches are keeping a close eye on the young, up and coming talent in the state, Columbus’ Marcus Johnson (6’3/WF/2020/South HS) recently received his first D-I scholarship offer from Maryland Eastern Shores.  Johnson, an extremely athletic wing, is explosive, plays above the rim and is a highlight just waiting to happen.  In this past weekend’s Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, Johnson was once again a standout, as he led Team Ohio in scoring against the Michigan All-Stars.  Johnson later played his way into the final all-star game on Sunday.  Johnson began attending Buckeye Prep events this year and excelled; consequently, his stock as soared.  Congratulations to Johnson, as we’re sure there will be many more offers in his future!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Basketball Spotlight Covers Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

You know it's a big time event when you get Basketball Spotlight's Mike Melton in the gym!  The long-time scout made the trek from New Jersey to Columbus to cover the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and has posted several write-ups already.  Below are a few links to his articles about the event.  According to Melton, there was a lot of talent in the gym including several players who he had not seen previously. Buckeye Prep's motto of "Elite Competition and Maximum Exposure" was on full display this weekend.  Stay tuned for even more media coverage throughout the week.

Basketball Spotlight Article #1
Basketball Spotlight Article #2
Basketball Spotlight Article #3
Basketball Spotlight Article #4
Basketball Spotlight Article #5

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Team Michigan Shocks Team Ohio at Elite Showcase

Team Michigan
Similar to what happened in the Ohio vs Kentucky game, despite racing out to a 20-point half time lead in the Ohio vs Michigan All-Star Game, Team Ohio lost focus and ended up going down to the Michigan All-Stars 69-79. Team Michigan was powered by the outstanding play of Wendell Green Jr. who exploded for a game-high 23 points.  Behind Green in scoring were Steve Pearson (19), Kevin Rice Jr. (11), Jalen Terry (11), Vontray Nickerson (9), Justus Salam (3) and Matt Nickolson (1).  Columbus’ Marcus Johnson paced Team Ohio with 12 points, followed by Darion Henry (11), Zach Loveday (11), Montorie Foster Jr. (9), Von Cameron Davis (7), Zeb Jackson (7), Matt Allocco (6), Isaiah Kennedy (5), Chris Mayfield (4) and CJ Anthony (1).  Congrats to Coach Wendell Green Sr. and Jerome Adams for getting it done for the “State up North.” Thanks to Coach Chris Anthony and Malcolm Walters for heading Team Ohio.

Wendell Green Jr & Marcus Johnson

Team Ohio Holds on to Win Ohio vs Kentucky Game

Team Kentucky
Team Ohio shot out of the gates early against the 2021 Kentucky All-Stars during Buckeye Prep Ohio vs Michigan All-Star Game on the opening day of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  Up by about 15 early, Team Ohio was cruising to what appeared be an easy blow out victory.  However, selfish play from the Buckeyes and the fact Team Kentucky weathered early Jitters eventually led to a tied game and a subsequent lead over Team Ohio.  With less than a minute remaining in the game, Team Ohio took a 1-point lead after clutch shot from Seth Wilson. With about 6 seconds left in the contest, Kentucky possessed the rock with a chance to win the game. Although Jaden Rogers got off a legitimate shot with 2 tics left, it missed the mark to give Team Ohio the 63-62 victory. 

Seth Wilson & Cory Vanhoose
Seth Wilson garnered co-MVP honors with 10 points.  Jalen Dials was the leading scorer for Team Ohio with 11 points, followed by Jaden Hammeed with 10, Brent Walker with 9, and Meechie Johnson and Montev Ware with 7 points apiece.  Cory Vanhoose led the Kentucky All-Stars with a game-high 17 points, followed by Zach Stahlman with 10, Isaiah May and Darius Washington with 9 points each and Jaden Rogers with 6 points.  By most accounts, the Ohio vs Kentucky game was a great success and proved to be very competitive. Congrats to Coach Orland Berry and Danyelle Love for getting the win for Team Ohio.  A special thanks goes to Coach Tony Rogers and Kevin May for putting Team Kentucky together!  Can’t wait for the rematch next year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Conway Returns to Elite Showcase

Ryan Conway-2021
Coming off a MVP performance at the Basketball Spotlight Camp in Maryland last month, Ryan Conway  (6’0/combo guard/2021/MD) will be returning to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase next week.  At last year’s event, Conway was a star, and his breakout performance solidified his him as one of the top 5 players in the class of 2021.  Over the courser of several elite events, Conway has proven to be one of the most elite scorers in the nation with his ability to score at all three levels.  His size and strength allow him to get to and finish at the rim, but he also has deep range on his jump shot and can stop and pop the mid-range in the lane.  Look for Conway to log in another standout performance in Columbus next week.  Welcome back Ryan!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Rosters & Schedule (Initial Draft)

Below is a copy of an email that was sent out today. Also, below is a link to the initial draft of the showcase rosters and schedule. We're extremely excited with the level of competition that will be attending this event!   In terms of numbers, this may be the biggest event we've ever held.  Please review the documents very closely and call us with any need corrections.  "Can't wait!"

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Roster & Schedule (Updated 9-15-16)


Attached please find attached the “initial draft” of the showcase schedule and rosters.  I say initial draft because there will be some changes between now and next September 17th.  As players are added (there are still a few spots available), rosters may change as well as the schedule.  Also, the coaches’ assignments are subject to change as well. I’m only sending this information out this early so I can clean up mistakes prior to the event and so you can get some idea how things will look and work out in a few weeks.

We know that there are names of players who may have paid but are not listed and we know there some changes will be required.  Therefore, please read the attached documents very carefully to insure your child/player is accounted for, is listed in the correct division, his name is spelled correctly and his name does not appear multiple times and in multiple divisions.  Also, please check your son/player’s schedule to inure there are 4 games scheduled. If you see any mistakes, simply email me at with the issues(s) and I will make the corrections prior to the event.

In addition, it’s very important that you continue to visit the website daily ( between now and the event in order to check for updates, as I will be posting changes up until the night before the event.  Also attached is another copy of the registration forms.  Please have them completed prior to your arrival on Saturday.  This form is important so I have accurate information about your son/player and so I have current contact information for future contacts. To you coaches who are bring multiple players, I need registration forms for each player! If your son/player is listed and you know they will not be attending the event, please advise us ASAP so we can open up his spot.  Also, as we get paid customers, any player whose name is listed but has not paid the entry fee will be deleted from the roster in place of the paid customer.

The facility is located at Otterbein University (1 South Grove St. Westerville, OH).  Registration will open at 8:00am, the slate of all-star games will begin at 9:00am, I will give opening remarks by 3:00pm, and the first round of games will tip off at 4:00pm. If your son/player is not involved in the Saturday all-star games, he does not need to arrive at the gym until about 2:00pm. On another note, there will be an $10.00 admission charge each day.  In addition, I still have the need for a few backup coaches if anyone is interested, as I always get unexpected no shows.  Coaches receive free admission, ($20 value)  a t-shirt and access to the Roosters Media/Coaches Lounge where they can eat and drink (water, juices and sodas) throughout the day.

Coaches, please take the time to read the attached “Coaches Letter,” as it spells out our expectations.  In addition, we will also be holding a coaches meeting at 2:15 sharp, so please plan to arrive on time so we can discuss several important matters.  Also, you will be expected to wear our camp t-shirt (red), so please dress accordingly.

In closing, my staff and I are working hard to insure you and your son/player has a great experience, and hope you and your son/player is excited.  Finally, please arrive at the gym with a healthy dose of patience and positive energy, as it will be a long day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 614-203-2929.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ohio Players Standout at National Camp

Peeples, Livingston, Perie & Molton
Because the state of Ohio has a wealth of young basketball talent, it has become commonplace for our players to excel at national events.  Such was the case last weekend at the Middle School All-American Game and the Basketball Spotlight Camp in Maryland. Of the 4 Ohio-based players who attended the event, 3 of them were selected to the event’s all-star game.  Noah Peeples (5’10/PF/2021/Akron) put in work at the MS All-American Game last Friday where he garnered co-MVP honors while competing against the top players in the country.  During the camp, Chris Livingston’s (5’10/WF/2022/Akron) non-stop motor, lock down defense and scoring production punched his ticket to the all-star game. Adisa “Desh” Molton (4’1/PG/2023/Lyndhurst), one of the top PGs in the state, convinced evaluators that he deserved a bid to the 2023 all-star game as well. Tae Perie (5’6/SG/2021/Barberton) made the trip to Maryland also, but despite several highlight plays over the weekend, fell a little short of making the all-star games. Congrats to all of the above players for spotlighting Ohio Basketball.  Finally, all 4 of the aforementioned players will be participating in the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase September 17th and 18th,

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Recap-Part II

Q. Clark, A. Alexander, N. Peeples, F. Ayissi-Etoh & C. Bliss
We will begin part II of the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp recap with a spotlight on a couple of the best bigs in the 2021 division, Donnell Harris (6’5/PF/2021/FL) and Caleb Furst (6’7/PF/2021/IN).  Although Harris does most of his damage with power and above the rim athleticism, Furst is more skilled and finesse.  Both guys can score the rock, rebound and protect the rim; they simply have different styles.  With that said, both Harris and Furst are elite, nationally ranked, and both project as division I prospects going forward.  Jake Koveman (6’3/WF/2021/MD) has really stretched out since the last time we saw him and his game has continued to develop as well.  Koverman was at his best slashing to the cup where he finished near the rim more times than not.  Koverman should make an immediate impact this upcoming school season.  Any discussion about D-I prospects has to include Ya’Qin Staton (6’3/PF/2021/MD).  Staton is a solidly built power forward who can both mix it up on the interior and step outside and hit the trey. With his length and bounce, Staton’s upside potential is significant.

One of the better PGs we saw all weekend was Carlos Alexander (5’7/PG/2022/MD), who proved his MVP selection at the Middle school All-American Game was no fluke.  Alexander is a fiery floor general who plays with passion and intensity.  Of course he has the requisite skill set, speed, vision and passing ability which is required of any elite PG, but Alexander’s poise, pace of play, and leadership set him apart from his peers. We also really liked young Christian Bliss (5’3/SG/2023/NY), who caught our eye with his ability to command a team, get teammates involved, and protect the rock and score when open. Bliss makes few mistakes, is poised under pressure and seems to understand the game at a high level.  We plan to keep an eye our out for Quinn Clark (6’3/PF/2022/VA), who showed a lot of promise on Saturday.  Already possessing good size for only a 7th grader, Clark is a rebounding machine who is athletic and quick off his feet.  Clark is very active around the cup both offensively and defensively, and he has a nice touch around the rim, while also posing a problem for would be shooters.  Clark runs the floor well, passes well for a big, and finishes with contact at a high rate.  Clark is a great looking post prospect!

We have to mention the big time performance of Trey Thomas (5’8/PG/2022/MD), who was one of the top guards at the event. Extremely athletic to the cup with a nice stroke describes just some of Thomas’ gifts. Thomas’ game appears a bit more mature than his 2022 peers and his talent justifies national recognition. Speaking of dynamic PGs, we’re not sure anybody was more exciting to watch than Tyler Hawkins (5’3/PG/2022/NY).  In true NYC fashion, Hawkins is a wizard with the rock, is lighting quick and his vision and passing skills are elite.  He’s diminutive, but Hawkins can make plays and excite the crowd at the same time. We also saw a lot of great things from Aden Holloway (5’1/SG/2023/NC), who has good size for his position, is crafty and the multiple treys he knocked down in a game we watched confirmed he can shoot the rock consistently.  We had not seen him before but his play this weekend suggests he deserves more national recognition. We could not have been more impressed than we were with Franklin Ayissi-Etoh (5’8/SG/2023/MD), who followed up a MVP performance on Friday with a MVP-type performance at the camp.  Ayissi-Etoh’s combination of size, ball skills, strength and energy ranks right up there with the best in the class in the nation. In addition, his motor is elite and his stat stuffing game is very impactful.  Ayissi-Etoh does it all; scores, defends, rebounds, but is still unselfish with the rock. This kid has to be top 10 nationally in our opinion!  He’s young, but Daveyon Lynder (PG/2024/AZ), has a grown man game. Lynder has good size for his position, is very active, and does a good job rebounding the ball.  In terms of explosiveness, Kahki Washington (6’0/WF/2020/CT) was seen jumping out of the gym.  In the all-star game, Washington was a human highlight film with his above the rim antics.

Some of the other standout performers we saw included: Jahkary Towns (SG/2023/MI), Sherman Weatherspoon (5’9/PG/2020/MD), Ace Valentine (5’5/combo guard/2023/MD), Keon Henderson (5’7/PG/2020/MI), Elijah Hardy (5’1/SG/2023/FL), Luke Murphy (5’9/combo guard/2021/CT), Anthony Seoage (4’10/PG/2023/NJ), Joel Harrison (5’3/PG/2022/FL), Jayden Pierre (PG/2022/NJ), Sumeer Alleyne (5’1/WF/2024/PA), Marcus Dyes (6’2/SG/2021/NY), Bray Freeman (5’9/PG/2021/DC), Wesley Yates (2023/TX), Cameron Gillus (2023/VA), Tae Perie (PG/2021/OH), Ian Morton (MD), Vere Anthony (NY), Dameon Samuels (NJ), Toby Ojukwu (2023/NJ), Shaun Chandler (2023/DE), Sebastian Robinson (2023/NJ), Darryl Simmons II (2022/CT), Antoino Sellers (2022/NY), Julius Ellerbie (2020/MD), and Jack McFadden (2020/NY).

Congratulations to Mike Melton, Bill Francis and Drew Brelsford for putting together a very competitive and well rune event.  Look for several of the above-mentioned players at the Buckeye Prep elite Showcase September 17th an d 18th in Columbus, Ohio.