Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NYBL Announces All-Star Game Rosters

By most accounts, the 3rd season of the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) was another huge success!  Not only did the league almost double in size in terms of the number of teams participating, the level of individual competition was nothing short of amazing.  In order to celebrate the league's abundance of individual talent, while also creating yet another platform for national exposure, the NYBL will again sponsor its very popular NYBL All-Star Weekend.  The event will run in conjunction with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and is currently scheduled for September 12th & 13th at Otterbein University in Columbus, Ohio. The event will feature a series of all-star games Saturday morning and early afternoon, followed by the elite showcase late Saturday afternoon. 

In terms of the format, there will again be  "Top 20" and "Top 40" games in each division, including a "NYBL vs The Nation" game. The rosters for Team Nation teams are still very fluid, as we continue to invite/take commitments from other elite players who did not play in the league this year.  In addition, participation in the NYBL All-Star Weekend is open to every player who participated in the league the last 3 seasons, as the weekend includes not just the NYBL all-star games, but participation in the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase as well.  

At the conclusion of the NYBL all-star games, all of the players who participated in the all-star games will be mixed in with the other showcase participants and placed on 10-player teams, where they will play 4 additional games.  During the course of the games, each player will be evaluated and ranked, with the top 2-4   players selected for a final all-star game on Sunday. Below is the initial draft of the rosters as well as an invitation letter and registration forms.  Also below is a link to the event information page where we will post updates and the status of committed players. Last year the event attracted over 500 players and will likely sell again this year.

Players selected for the games have until Sunday, August 9th to register and confirm their intentions to participate in the event.  After this date, spots will be opened up for players selected as reserves. Primarily, the first reserves taken from the list will be those reserves that have already registered and paid for the elite showcase.  Selection to the NYBL All-Star Games is a great honor and will serve has a significant platform for national exposure!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bmore’s Finest 2021 wins 2015 AAU West Coast Nationals

Bmores Finest-6th Grade West Coast AAU Champions
After an impressive third place finish at the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) Championships this past June in Columbus, Bmore’s Finest traveled out west to compete in the 2015 AAU West Coast Nationals.  By the end of pool play, the Finest had made an positive impression on the teams in attendance. Being true to their style of play, the Finest forced double-digit turnovers for each team they faced. Fresno Next Level, the #9 ranked team on the West Coast was overwhelmed by the speed and ball pressure applied by the boy’s from Baltimore.  Bmore’s Finest finished their run with a 5-0 record and the West Coast Championship.  Congratulations to Bmore’s Finest 2021!!!!!

Once again, the NYBL has been well represented in youth basketball.      

Monday, July 20, 2015

McMillian Propels All-Ohio to 7th Place Finish

Paul McMillian IV-2022 PG Cincinnati
By the time their run ended at the U-10 AAU Nationals in Cocoa Beach, Florida earlier this week, John Mobley’s 5th grade All-Ohio Red squad  had secured a 7th place finish. Mobley’s squad rolled though pool play with a 4-0 record, and was into the second round of bracket play before falling to the New Your Gouaches in a close one. A second set back in as many games to Marylands Finest landed then in the 7th/8th place game, where All-Ohio would right the ship with an easy win and a top ten finish.  It should come as no supervise that All-Ohio is one of the elite teams in the country in the class of 2022, as at least 6 of the players listed on their roster are currently ranked in our 2022 Watch List.

By most accounts, the central Ohio based team was powered by the outstanding play of Cincinnati’s Paul McMillan IV (5’4/PG/Cincinnati/2022), who averaged roughly 21 points over the course of the week long tournament. As evidence of his production, in at least 2 games, McMillan dropped 30 plus points on the opposing team, including three 20 plus point games.  McMillian was more than just a scorer, as he rebounded and dropped dimes at a high rate. Coach Mobley is apparently a big fan, as he raved about McMillan’s game. “They [opposing teams] could not guard him at all,” said Mobley. “The speed of his game; he was aggressive and he’s just mentally tougher since he has been playing up a grade for several years,” continued Mobley. Mobley also added that during the game against Marylands Finest, the defending national champions, “he just took over. “Easily, he [McMillian] was one of the top 5 players there [AAU Nationals].  He separated himself from a lot of guys in the class,” Mobley said. 

Holden, Keene, Francis, Johnson, Jones & Mobley
Also on their games in Cocoa Beach were Sean Jones (4’9/PG/Columbus/2022) and Dior Connors (5’6/WF/Columbus/2022), both of whom averaged about 10 points.  You have to add John Mobley Jr. (just a 3rd grader) to the list of standouts as evidenced by the fact that he went for 18 points during a pool game.  In terms of McMillan’s national reputation, if his name does not appear in top 100 national rankings at the end of the season, somebody is not doing their job! Congratulations to Coach Mobley and his entire team for represented the great state of Ohio!

All-Ohio is not the only program out there reppin Ohio, as Meechie Johnson’s Hardwork Basketball programs sent 2 seventh grade teams to Las Vegas last week and both squads brought home championships at the AAU West Coast Nationals.  The White team finished 4-1 and was led by Meechie Johnson (5’8/PG/Garfield Heights/2021), Nehemiah Benson (6’2/SG/WF/Streetsboro/2020), and William Jefferies (6’2/SG/Erie, PA/2021).  The Blue team finished 5-0 and was paced by Shama Scott (5’9/PG/Solon/2020,  Nick Ferguson (6’2/PF/Shaker Heights/2020) and Sean Johnson

Hardwork Basketball-2015 West Coast AAU national Champions
While we are giving shout outs, big props to DeMarko Bradley’s 2019 All-Ohio Red squad for a 3 tournament stretch run that ended with a 16-1 record and 2 championships. All-Ohio began their southern trek at the Nike Elite Tournament in Augusts, GA, where they finished 6-1 overall. Bradley’s squad lost a 35-18 half time lead to Team Takeover in the Elite 8 before losing 53-45.  Next up was Big Shots I in Atlanta, where All-Ohio went 5-0 on their way to the U-16 championship.  All-Ohio finished their run with a 5-0 record and the championship in the U15 division of the Big Shots II. Tanner Holden was named MVP of if the first tournament, while Jeremiah Keene and Jeremiah Francis shared the honor in the second event. For the season, Bradley’s team finished the season an impressive 65-9, having won 10 of the 15 tournaments the team entered.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plans Under Way For Elite Showcase

Plans are currently under way for the the 2015 Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  This event should be our biggest and most competitive ever, as many of the nation's top players will be attending! Our reputation as a "must attend" event is well documented, and this year will be no different. We are looking for the best players to compete in our events. The showcase is scheduled for September 12th & 13th at Otterbein University in Columbus Ohio. For more information, please visit the event information to the right of this website.  There you will find a committed player list as well as event updates.

Below is an email that was sent out today to everyone on on our bulk email list.  If you have attended past Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases and did not receive the email, contact Rob Taylor at and an invitation will be sent out to you.  For other ranked players who feel they have what it takes to compete at the highest levels, fell free to contact us as well

Parents, Coaches, Players,

We are now a little under 60 days before my September 11th & 12th Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase (fall).  Attached is an invitation for your son/player.  As was the case last September, the event will be loaded with talent and will represent another opportunity for your son/player to compete against the best players from around Ohio, the Midwest and the nation. The fall showcase attracted over 500 very talented players, and this September’s event will exceed that.  The addition of the NYBL’s top kids will only make this event that much more competitive. As is the case with every Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, the exposure opportunities will be great, as there will be numerous scouting services, video guys and small college coaches in the house to document the action.

As I have done before, I will be maintaining a running list of the players who have committed to the event (right hand side of the website).  This is not an official list and will not hold your son/player a spot in the showcase.  Only a full payment of the $145.00 registration fee by the deadline will guarantee a spot. Also, for your convenience, I have placed a Pay Pal link in the upper right hand corner of the website if you would like to pay the fee online with a credit card.  When using Pay Pal, please enter your son/player’s name, grade, height and position in the space provided, as this will assist me to match your payment with the registration forms. Also, please make sure you note the Pay Pal receipt number on the registration form, and then bring the receipt with you the morning of the event.  If you plan to attend the event, please email with your intentions, provide me with your son’s name, grade, height and position, then send in the registration forms and fee ASAP. Please do not send registration forms without the fee!

Once again, we will be hosting a 2nd-5th grade division for the younger players. Because of the smaller numbers with these age groups, this division may be combined into 1 division. Please help pass the word about the younger division, as most people may not recognize the addition.

As the date of the showcase gets closer, I will be sending out emails and updating the website.  It is very important that you continue to follow the website up until the day of the event ( for updates, as things may change. I know I don’t have email addresses for everybody, and some people don’t use the internet very often; therefore, please help me spread the message and share the information and updates with those parents who you know may not receive the information they need.  If you know of a ranked player, or any kid who may be talented enough to attend the event, have them contact me for an invitation.

For those of you who have not attended Buckeye Prep showcases in the past, below are a number of links to articles and videos from past events. Please take the time to go through the material as they offer some great insight into the nature of the events.  For those you who have participated in the showcases, you know that the competition is fierce; the right people are there watching; and the event is always well run.

Based on the level of participation last September, the positive feedback we received after the event, this event will likely be SOLD OUT. Because of facility limitations, once all of the spots have been filled, I cannot add additional players. Spots will be filled on a “first come, first served basis.” If you have any questions or concerns, emailing me is the best option, but feel free to call me at 614-203-2929.  I hope to see you in March!

PS. I’m always looking for quality coaches.  If you enjoy working with kids, have a coaching background, can be objective and are interested in coaching at the event, please email me. Coaches will receive a showcase T-shirt and free meals and drinks in our coaches and media only hospitality lounge. Please note, you cannot coach your son or player(s), and every attempt will be made to schedule around your son’s games.

Rob Taylor
Buckeye Prep Report

Committed player list, updates, media & video links from past events:

Plans Underway for NYBL All-Star Weekend & Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

The NYBL All-Star Weekend is fast approaching (September 12th & 13th) and is poised to be one of the most competitive events of the year. In addition, the competition and the number of elite players committed to attend the event will be unmatched! Although many of the top guys have gone head-to-head for several years, the NYBL All-star games and the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase will give them the opportunity to play together, which will give them a better appreciation for each other’s talent, while developing and strengthening new and existing relationships. Bottom line, top players want to play together and the NYBL All-Star games provide that opportunity. By this weekend, the initial draft of the all-star game rosters will be published. Although only the most elite players will be selected for the all-star games, the event is open to every player that participated in the league the last 3 seasons, in addition to the players invited to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. Not only will the competition be big time, the level of exposure from middle school and high school scouting services will be significant as well. This will be one of those must-attend events!  for more information contact Rob Taylor at or 614-203-2929.

2014 Event Reports

Thursday, July 9, 2015

NYBL Represented in AAU U-13 Final 4

Team Melo-AAU U-13 Runner-Up
By the time the U-13 AAU Nationals wrapped up in Greensboro, NC earlier this week, 2 NYBL teams had punched their thicket to the final 4 and were still in the hunt for a championship. The Maryland-based Team Melo is certainly no stranger to national championship games, as just a few short week ago they battled the Oakland Soldiers in the championship game of the NYBL Finals in Columbus, Ohio. As was the case in Columbus, Team Melo fell short, ultimately finishing second to Mike Saunders’ George Hill Rising Stars squad. Without some of their star players, Coach Bill Francis’ team still managed to scratch and claw their way to the final game.  From most accounts, the play of Jeremy Roach was spectacular, as he willed his team to the championship game.

San Diego Select-4th Place
Steve Wade’s San Diego Select team had a good run through the NYBL season, and although they stumbled a bit in the league finals in June, they were well prepared to make a run to the AAU Final 4. After defeating a CBC Elite (another NYBL team) in the quarter-finals (52-42), San Diego faced off against George Hill in the semifinal game. San Diego would take the eventual national champion to the wire, but would eventually come up short (46-45) and have play for 3rd or 4th place. In the semifinal consolation game, San Diego would suffer a second straight loss at the hands of the New York Gouaches (56-61) and finished 4th. Not only did NYBL teams represent half of the Final 4, there were a total of 5 NYBL teams in the Elite 8 (Oakland Solders, CBC Elite and Team Loaded Red). Congratulations to all of the NYBL teams that placed at the AAU Nationals this week. Finally, congrats go out to Mike Saunders Sr. and the George Hill Rising Stars for taking the championship!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NYBL’s Top 10 Finishers

Ball4Lyfe-2019 NYBL National Champions

The 2015 National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) season concluded in early June with some unexpected champions, thrilling victories and regional bragging rights. When the 2015 NYBL season tipped off in March in the Nation’s capital, teams like Team Florida, West Coast Stars and DC Premier were heavy favorites in the 2019 division.  However, known mostly as a “football state,” Florida basketball announced its arrival by placing a pair of teams in the final 4 at the NYBL Finals in Columbus. On the national level, few youth basketball fans were familiar with south Florida based Ball4Lyfe. With a void of nationally ranked players or an elite resume, a scrappy, well coached Ball4Lyfe squad shocked the youth basketball establishment with their run to the NYBL Championship. With the tallest front court in the nation, with the likes of Balsa Koprivica and Chol Mariel, the better known Team Florida further represented the Sunshine State with their 3rd place finish. 

Also a virtual unknown at the start of the season, the Georgia based AOT Running Rebels thrilled NYBL fans with their up-tempo, in your face brand of ball.  Blessed with a dynamic backcourt in Shareif and Omar Cooper, and an athletic scoring machine in Isaac Okoro, AOT’s appearance in the championship came as a big surprise to those not fortunate enough to get a peek at NYBL action this past season.  With their second place finish at last year’s AAU Nationals, the West Coast Stars was also a favorite to take the 2019 crown, and their 4th place finish was more the respectable this year.

The results in the 2020 division were a little more predictable, with super teams like Oakland Soldiers, Team Melo expected to compete for a NYBL National Championships. The Soldiers’ mega roster of studs like Shemar Morrow, Kyree Walker and Zion Harmon made them one of the wire-to-wire favorites to take the Chip.   Add the star studded West Coast All-Stars to the final 4 mix at #4 and it’s clear the division favorites represented in the end.  Anybody who watched the Mid-Ohio Pumas play the previous year suspected that they might make some noise in the NYBL, and that’s exactly what they did with their 3rd place finish.

I’m not sure anybody who followed the class of 2021 thought that the Maryland based New World would take the NYBL crown.  In dominating fashion all season, the upstart team from the DMV surprised teams with their play.  Powered by Jalen Hall, Bray Freeman and Elijah Hawkins, New World established themselves among the best 2021 teams in the country.  For many years Canada basketball has garnered more and more respect around the world, and Stags Elite’s runner-up finish confirmed that the trend continues.  More of a dark horse entering the league finals, Stags Elite rode team oriented basketball all the way to the championship game.  Rounding out the final 4 were traditional powers from a talent rich area in Bmores Finest at # 3 and Team Izod rounding out the final 4.

By most accounts, the 2015 NYBL season was a huge success and introduced to the country a number of very talented players and teams.  Although the 3rd year league has been known for attracting already established teams and highly ranked players, the 2015 results reflects the depth of the league and the power of the league unearth talent in areas not traditionally know as hotbeds and to place players on national top player lists.  Below is a link to the complete lists of the top 10 finishers in each division.  Next up is the NYBL All-Star Weekend and Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase (September 12th & 13th), where many of the NYBL and nation’s most elite players will reassemble for one of the most competitive events in the country. Although the NYBL is all about team pride and the pursuit of championships, the NYBL Weekend is all about individual excellence and establishing a national reputation and resume!  Stay tuned for the release of the NYBL All-Star Game rosters, including the rosters for the prestigious “NYBL vs The nation game.  Congratulations to all of the teams and players who participated in the league and of course a standing ovation goes out to the league’s top 10 finishers!