Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2024 All-Ohio Phenom Makes Case for Power Rankings Spot

2024 All-Ohio Phenom
Earlier we profiled Darryl Peterson's 2025 All-Ohio Phenom team; however, as it turns out, Coach Julian Wesley’s 5th grade All-Ohio Phenom team has built quite a resume over the past few weeks as well.  Based on Phenom’s body of work so far this season, they have been rewarded with a spot on Buckeye Prep's Power Rankings.  In fact, so far this season, Wesley’s squad has competed in 6 tournaments and has 2 Gold Bracket championships; 1 Silver Bracket title; a Gold Bracket Final 4; and a Silver Bracket runner-up finish to his credit.

As further justification for a statewide ranking, during their run to a All-Ohio Nike Grassroots tournament Silver Bracket runner-up finish, All-Ohio Phenom lost to Buckeye Prep’s #2, #5, and #7th ranked teams by only1 or 2 points in only their first tournament together.  In the subsequent Tiger Town Easter Shootout, All-Ohio Phenom finished 5-0 on their way to the Gold Bracket Championship. At the All Ohio Nike Cup, Phenom went 3-1 and collected another Gold Bracket title, while defeating #11 ranked All-Ohio Black in the championship game.  

Further, in the Ball for A Cause National Basketball Tournament, All-Ohio Phenom grabbed yet another Gold Bracket championship.  Their trek to the gold included two 20+point wins over #11 ranked OBC.  Finally, All-Ohio Phenom went 4-1 at the Dru Joyce Shooting Stars Classic and collected a Silver Bracket championship.  In that event, All-Ohio defeated OBC for a 3rd time, then went on to take down #16th ranked Lima Gators by 1 point. If that wasn’t enough, All-Ohio beat #4 ranked TAD in the Silver Bracket championship game. Based on their resume, All-Ohio Phenom has earned a spot in our Power Rankings!

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