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Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-Players to Watch

Nate Georgeton-5'7 PG was Dynamic

Because I'm so busy with administrative matters during my showcases, I rarely get a chance to sit down and just watch the games; However, I do try to get around and catch a peek at the action when I can.  By now, the top performers have all been highlighted by the various scouting services in attendance, so I want to take a few minutes to highlight some kids who may have not blown up, may have flown a little under the radar, but caught my eye over the weekend.


Players to Watch:

Izaiah Brockington (8th)
Hamid Bullie (7th)
De'Zion Taylor (6th) Pictured
Jake Fisher (8th)
David Fitzgerald (7th)
Jayvon Graves (8th)
Nate Georgeton (9th)
JaQuan Harrison (10th)
Willie Hill III (7th)
Garrett Houser (7th)
Garon Howard (8th)
Lindsey Hunter (11th)
Zeb Jackson (5th)
Justin Layne (9th)
Malik Onyeali (7th)
Craig McGee Jr. (8th)
Braden Van Cleave (8th)
Chase Wells (7th)
James West IV (8th)
Rasheed Williams (7th)
Ketaan Wyatt (5th)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Below is a link to the 2012 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase all-star teams and Top 5 Award winners.

Elite Showcase All-Star Teams

Dunk Dog Talks about Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

Tune into to hear about the standout players at the Buckeye Prep Fall Elite Showcase this past weekend.

Dunk Dog Podcast (9-27-12)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Rankings

Below is a link to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Rankings. The lists were compiled based on the player ranking sheets submitted by the coaches.  For the most part, the Top 20 list represents those players ranked 1st or 2nd by the coach. The Top 40 list is made up of players ranked 3rd & 4th on their respective teams. Also, the names are listed in alphabetical order. In terms of the other lists, the coaches choose those players as well. As you will see, some coaches failed to select players for specialty awards.  I will be adding additional grades as they are completed.

10-12th Grade Showcase Rankings
9th Grade Showcase Rankings
8th Grade Showcase Rankings
6/7th Grade Showcase Rankings

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-North v South Results

For the first time ever, the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase featured Ohio North vs South challenge games in grades 7th-10th, and an Ohio vs Michigan game for  high school freshmen. For the record, Southern Ohio flexed its muscle, finishing 3-1 on the day with a 51-42 win in the 7th grade game; a 47-42 win for the 8th graders and a 49-48 squeaker in the 10th grade game.  The North's only victory came with the 68-59 win in the freshman game.

The leading scorers of the games included: DeShon Parker (11); Coryon Rice (11); Matt Sichterman (11); Kelvin Calhoun II (10); Omari Spellman (11), Seth Towns (10); Esa Ahmed (11); and MaCio Teague (11).

In the highly anticipated Ohio vs Michigan game, Team Ohio raced out to an early lead against the team up north, which they never surrendered on their way to a convincing 60-35 victory. At the end of the day, Team Ohio was simply too big and too deep for Team Michigan! In that game, Northland's Seth Towns logged in a breakout performance to the tune of 11 points, resulting in co-MVP honors. Saginaw, Michigan's Algevon Eichelberger and Josh Jackson were the leading scorers for Michigan with 7 points, but Eichelberger's superior rebounding garnered him co-MVP honors.

The rest of the scoring is as follows: Team Ohio: Jarron Cumberland (0); Derek Funderburk (2); Xavier Simpson (2); Derrick Daniels (4); Omari Spellman (7); James Manns II (7); Rodrick Caldwell (8); Anthony Christian (9); Trevell Beck (10); and Seth Towns (11). Team Michigan: Billy Thomas &; Argustes Daniels (0); DeAngelo Hansbro (2); Marlo Brown & Kyle Woodruff (4); Cedric Lattimore (5); Cassius Winston (6);  Josh JacksonAlgevon Eichelberger (7).

Ohio North v South & Ohio vs Michigan Rosters:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Buckeye Prep All-Star Selections

6/7th Grade All-Star Teams

Below is a link to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase All-Star selections. Pictures of the all-star teams, Top 5 Award winners and MVPs will follow. Congratulations to all of the players who achieved this honor!

All-Star Selections

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase's NBC4 All-Skill Team

As part of the sponsorship package, NBC4 was the sponsor of the first ever All-Skill team. With the assistance of Anthony Cheatum and Elevate Basketball, 12 players were selected to the team based on the skill level they displayed during the skill and drill segment of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase on Saturday. Although the Buckeye Prep Report seeks to provide a high level of exposure, we also want to facilitate and recognize skill and developmental with our events. To this end, we want to recognize those players who poses a high level of skill.  Congratulations to those players who made the team!

NBC4 All-Skill Team

Friday, September 21, 2012

Buckeye Prep Talks Basketball with

If you missed the Dunk podcast last night, you might want to click on the link below.  For 2 hours, we discussed the upcoming Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, including a team-by-team preview highlighting key players scheduled to attend the event. If you have some time to kill, tune in to see who should excel at the showcase this weekend. Also, Ty Kish just hooked up a hot new video previewing some of the top players coming to the event. As always, Kish produced a great product. I can't wait to see what he drops after this event! Podcast

Ty Kish Preview Video

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 to Attend Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, the popular youth basketball social networking site, is sending a trio of scouts to the 2012 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. Spencer Pulliam, Adam Shoulders, and Kurt Stubbs will all be in attendance during the weekend event to evaluate top middle school and high school prospects. Buckeye Prep Report’s Rob Taylor is also scheduled to join Pulliam on the weekly Boys’ Slamcast (online radio) on Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 8-9PM EST to preview the event to a nationwide audience.

Daily content and event coverage of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and more will be available online at Keep in mind, registration for the site is free! For up to the minute reporting and breaking news from concerning the weekend’s best performers, please follow (@DunkDog), Pulliam (@SpencerPulliam), Shoulders (@AdamShoulders), and Stubbs (@OhioHSHoops) on Twitter. and Buckeye Prep Report are also encouraging everyone to join the discussion on Twitter about the event using the hashtag, “#BPRElite”!

To listen to the LIVE broadcast of the Boys’ Slamcast on Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 8-9PM EST please login to the website or visit this link:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-Parent Letter

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to parents with kids registered for the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase this coming weekend.  I'm posting a copy here in order to reach those who I may not have an email address for.  Please help me pass the word about the contents of the letter to those who may not frequent this website. Please read all of the documents very carefully, as they contain all of the information you need for this weekend.  If  you have any questions or concerns after reading the material, feel free to email me at There is a lot of excitement built up over the event; it should be a classic!!

We are now less than one week away from the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  I hope you and your son/player is exciting and looking forward to attending the event. Rest assured; my staff and I have done our best to make your experience a positive one. I want to take a few minutes to provide you with some additional information about what you can expect this weekend.
Although the schedule, rosters and showcase rules have been posted on our website ( for well over 2 weeks, below is a link to that material.  Please take a few minutes to carefully read though all of the material, as it should provide you with all of the information you need. Also, please double check the spelling of your child/player’s name as well as the grade division your son/player is set to participate. In addition, because the final schedule and rosters will be posted at the site, they are still subject to change up until then. I would suggest you check the website for updates on Friday evening before heading to the showcase. If your son/player's name does not appear on a roster, one of a couple of things may have happened. Either we did not receive registration forms and/or the fee, or you made a payment via Pay Pal, but did not send in the registration forms. Consequently, we were unable to match the payment with your son/player's name. If that's the case, call me ASAP! Because we are completely sold out, we can not add any additional players to the event. There will be no walk up registrations accepted. 
For the first time, this year’s showcase will be divided into 3 segments. The initial segment consists of the Ohio North vs South and Ohio vs Michigan challenge games which will tip off at 11:00am on Saturday the 22nd. Although we highly encourage players, parents and coaches to attend the games in order to support the teams representing their end of the state, the only players who are required to report for these games are those players pre-selected to participate in the games. Players participating in the games should arrive at least 1 hour before the start of their game to register, take photographs and meet with the coaches. Admission for the games will be either $10.00, or $8.00 plus 2 canned good items.  Although it may be easier for you to pay the extra $2.00, because we are partnering with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank to help support those in need, we ask that you bring the canned food items as a way of giving back.
The second segment of the showcase involves a guest speaker (OSU’s Scoonie Penn) and skills and drills station work.  This segment will start around 7:00pm on Saturday evening. Although registration will open at 10:00am on Saturday morning, will last throughout the challenge games, everyone should plan to arrive at the gym by 6:00pm so that the registration process can be completed by 7:00pm.
In terms of the skills and drills, the players will be divided by teams (see material) and will start at one of the 8 stations, then rotate every 20 minutes from about 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  I have done my best to select the best basketball trainers I could find to run the stations.  In addition, as another way of recognizing skill, Elevate Basketball Academy’s Antony Cheatam will be evaluating players during the station work, and he will select 10 players for the “NBC4 All-Skill Team.” Awards will be presented to 10 players on Sunday morning during opening remarks.
The third segment of the showcase will begin on Sunday morning. There will be an additional skill and drill session starting at 8:00am Sunday morning (1/2 hour) which will serve as a warm up for players before the games tip off at about 9:15am. I will deliver opening remarks by about 8:45am, followed by a guest speaker (CBS’s Clark Kellogg) at about 9:00am. After the games tip off at 9:15, each of the 37 teams will play 3 games.  Some games will probably start early, so players should arrive at the gym at least 45 minutes before their team is scheduled to play.

I know some of you will look at your son/player’s schedule, determine that he does not play until later in the day, then question if it’s ok to show up and register right before his game. It’s ok if you do that, but you will be missing other parts of the showcase that could prove beneficial. Also, you need to make sure you arrive early to register, because the games may start early. In addition, seating will be very limited, so plan and dress accordingly!
During the course of those games, the coach will rank players from 1-10, and make notes on an evaluation sheet which will be used for selecting the all-star teams. There will be 1 all-star game per division, and the top 2-3 players from each team will be chosen to participate in the final game. The all-star games will tip off starting at 5:45pm on Sunday afternoon. Awards will be presented to all all-star game participants, including special “Top 5 Awards” for each division.
For those of you who will be coaching a team at the showcase, please read the attached letter very carefully, as it outlines expectations and responsibilities. For my high school coaches, you should report to the gym at least 90 minutes prior to your game. You should wear black slacks or kakis, and a red showcase polo shirt will be provided to you.  
I know I’ve given you a lot of information, but I wanted to make sure you had the information you needed. Please make sure you read the showcase rules document carefully, and keep an eye on the website for updates. Again I would like to thank you for supporting the event, and I hope you and your son/player have a fantastic experience!
Rob Taylor
Buckeye Prep Report

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Add Spellman to List of Quality Bigs in the State

Omari Spellman-6'6 PF North Royalton

A couple of days ago I wrote about my excitement and the anticipation I felt over a 2018 PG's participation in the upcoming Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  Added to the list of must see players includes North Royalton's Omari Spellman, a 6'6 PF who attends North Royalton HS. Spellman, a freshman caught my eye at a tournament in Cleveland last summer while running with SMAC. From what I saw in his game that weekend, and from recent reports from open gyms, Spellman is starting to make a name for himself, and is starting to make a case as the top big man in the state.

Now let me be clear, I'm not ready to give Spellman the crown over guys like Derrick Daniels (6'7 PF Thurgood Marshall), Derek Funderberk (6'7 WF/PF St. Edwards), Seth Towns (6'7 W/PF Northland), or James Manns II (6'6 PF Marion Franklin); however, Spellman has several undeniable gifts that can't be ignored. First of which is his size; at 6'6, Spellman has the bulk, motor and willingness  to bang  in the low post. In addition, because so many kids want to be wings or PGs theses days, it's often hard to find guys who want to play the traditional role of a post player; Spellman does. With that said, Spellman is skilled enough to step away from the bucket and knock down the mid range shot, and he is athletic, rebounds well and defends the post well with his shot blocking ability. Also, because Spellman still looks young, he may have more room to grow. According to Spellman's father, his son hit a growth spurt and grew 5 inches between his middle school years. Spellman has not been seen by many people in the state because he lived in New York from the time he left Cleveland when he was in the 7th grade until he returned home about 2 years ago.

Mark Kostelac-6-8 C Cleveland 

In the same SMAC front court with Spellman this past summer was another long term post prospect in Mark Kostelac, a 6'8 C from Cleveland (Chradon NDCL HS).  Kostelac is bigger than Spellman but he also possess good upside potential going forward. Like Spellman, Kostelac finishes at a high rate around the bucket and defends the paint well. It will be nice to see both Spellman and Kostelac compete against other quality bigs, as both players will be competing in the Ohio North vs South game and the elite showcase next weekend. Finally, for all of you college coaches who regularly visit this site, you might want to get these kids on campus!                                                                                                

Another new comer to keep an eye on next weekend is Carlton Braggs, a 6'9 sophomore out of Cleveland VASJ. Although I have not seen Braggs personally, I hear he is the real deal. Apparently, Braggs had a breakout performance at a 5 Star camp this past summer, and as a result, he has garnered high major college attention. Because Braggs will be competing in the Ohio North vs South game on Saturday, we will all get a chance to see him matched up with more established guys like Nate Fowller ( 6'9 C Moeller) and Tony Anderson Jr. (6'6 PF Marion Franklin), 2 of the top 2015 bigs in the state. I would have to think that most of Ohio's college coaches have zoned in on Braggs by now, but if you have been sleeping, wake up and reach out to the kid fast!.

Elevate Basketball Sponsors Elite Showcase

Buckeye Prep would like to welcome the Elevate Basketball Academy as a sponsor of this year's Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  As part of the sponsorship agreement, Anthony Cheatam, Training Director will be evaluating the skills & drills segment of the showcase on Saturday night, and will ultimately be selecting the 10 players that will serve as the "NBC4 All-Skill Team." Cheatum's basketball experience as a trainer as well as his independent and objective eye will help insure that we identify the truly skilled players at the event.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oxy Water Sponsors Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

We are pleased to that announce that Oxy Water has agreed to serve as the official beverage sponsor for the upcoming Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  As part of their sponsorship package, Oxy Water will be providing complimentary beverages for the players and coaches on both days of the event.  Buckeye Prep would like welcome Oxy Water as an event sponsor!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carry Has a Chance to be Special

Sincere Carry-5'6 PG Solon

 As most of our readers know, next weekend Columbus will host the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, where many of the region’s elite players will go head to head for competition, development and exposure. Although this writer is extremely excited with the talent level in the gym, and is very much looking forward to see the truly elite players, a few kids standout as “must sees.” Of course the event will feature nationally ranked high school players such as Marc Loving, Jea’sean Tate, VJ King, Josh Jackson and many others, but one of the young guys I’m really excited to watch more closely is Sincere Carry, a dynamic 5’6 PG from Solon, Ohio

Although Carry is only a 7th grader, his game has already established him as possibly the top floor general in the state. Now I know many of you will question the wisdom of hyping up a 7th grader, and will voice some concern with a target being put on the kid’s back, but in my experience, the great ones can handle the heat, and talent can be evident and should be celebrated at any age. In fact, according to one high school coach in the Cleveland area, Carry’s name is already being mentioned by at least 1 big time college program in the state, and his play is starting to create a buzz around northeast Ohio.

What makes this kid so good? When I had the chance to check him out at a tournament in Cleveland several months ago, I was blown away by the kid’s poise, IQ, vision, handle and his ability and willingness to create shots for his teammates.  But that’s not all, at first glance you might peg Carry as just another over dribbling “And1” type streetballer, but his superior handle allows him to routinely defeat his defender and get into the paint where he excels at finding guys either under the bucket or spotted up at the three point line. That’s still not all the kid can do; back off him to avoid the embarrassment of falling and he will drain a trey on you! I must admit, I tend to like my guards a little flashy and more than willing and able to put on a show. Carry can deliver the highlights, but he also plays a complete game.

According to Gene Reddy, Carry’s AAU coach at SMAC, “the best part of Sincere’s game is his leadership skills, both on and off the court, and his ability to control the team while getting guys the ball in the right spots and at the right time.” In addition, “when the bright lights are on he is at his best,” continued Reddy.  “He is very coachable and always listens,” offered Reddy. 

Carry is not the only quality PG in the state, and props must be given to guys like Cincinnati’s Kane Cooper; Dayton’s Deshon Parker; Cleveland’s Jerry Higgins; Lima’s Brian Miller Jr.; Columbus’ Ty Wiley; Hilliard’s Braden Norris; and Gahanna’s Chase Rankin. However, Carry could be the best of them all, and next weekend could go a long way in establishing the PG pecking order in the state, as all but 2 of the above guards will be in the same gym at the same time. In fact, the Ohio North vs South challenge game will give several of the top floor generals to go head to head. For those of you who follow the players in the class of 2018, go take a look at Carry and the rest of the top guards next weekend and you be the judge.  It should be a lot of fun! As a teaser, check out a recent highlight video of Carry putting in work.

Jordan Mitchell-6'0 WF Gahanna

While I’m talking about up and coming young guys I really want to see next weekend, I have to give some ink to Jordan Mitchell, a versatile 6’0 WF from Gahanna. I’ve seen Mitchell play for several years now and from this evaluator’s prospective, Mitchell is not only the top player in the class of 2019 (6th grade) in the state, he the argument could be made that he is one of the best players in the country.  Case in point; a few weeks ago Mitchell competed at Clay Dade's Jr. All-American Camp where his stellar played garnered big time attention and a spot on the camp’s all-star team.
This past summer, Mitchell ran with All-Ohio Red, one of the top teams in the country over the past couple of years, and Mitchell was clearly the engine that made that team run. Mitchell already has great length and a skill set that allows him to play multiple positions.  If you need rebounds and defense in the paint, Mitchell can handle that.  If you need him to step outside and handle the rock, he can do that also.  If you need him to get you buckets, oh yea, he can handle that as well. The best part of Mitchell’s game is his upside potential and his ability to score the ball.  If he continues to work hard to develop his game, and he keeps his head on straight, the sky is the limit for this kid. If you get a chance next weekend check Mitchell out at the showcase.  Although he will be playing up against 7th graders, I’m confident he will shine.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ohio North vs South & Ohio vs Michigan Rosters

Below is a link to the rosters for the Ohio North vs South and Ohio vs Michigan Challenge games. As previously posted, these game will be played on Saturday from 11:00am until about 6:00pm. The following is the criteria we used to select the team: 1) the player must be registered for the event; 2) a player should already be listed as one of Buckeye Prep's Top 30 players; 3) we tried to select as many top 20 players who had registered for the showcase; 4) the player was selected to one of the Buckeye Prep All-State Teams; 5) participation/success in prior Buckeye Prep events; 6) competitive balance (team); and 7) the best players available.

The games will be played under Ohio High School Athletic Association rules, and will consist of four 6 minutes quarters with a stop and go clock. The games will be announced and stats will be kept and published after each game.  Several of the games will be broadcast live on Two MVPs per game (winning and loosing team) will be selected and will receive an award. Players and coaches will need to arrive at least 1 hour before each game to register, meet with the team, and take photographs. Players are required to wear solid black shorts.

Finally, each player listed must email Rob Taylor at: by 5:00pm this Friday to confirm their participation in the showcase. If we don't hear from a parent or coach, the player will be replaced with an alternate. The rosters are tentative and subject to change. The challenge games will offer a significant amount of exposure, as there will only be one game played at a time, and the scouting services and coaches will be paying special attention to the games. Please feel free to post your comments below.

Rosters & Schedule

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prep Spotlight Fall Showcase

John Stovall will be hosting his Prep Spotlight Fall Showcase at Garfield Heights High School  from 5:00-9:00pm on Wednesday September 19th. Registration opens at 4:00pm and the cost is $25.00. In  addition to several scouting services, D-II, D-III and JUCO college coaches will also be in the house looking for players. To pre-register for the event, email Stovall at: For information about other fall showcases, click on the link below.

Other Fall Showcases

Monday, September 3, 2012

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Rosters, Team Assignments and Schedule (TENTATIVE))

Below is a link to the initial draft of the showcase rosters, team assignments, schedule, rules and evaluation sheet. I'm posting this information early so I have the opportunity to make necessary changes (i.e., name spelling, division placement, etc.) in advance of the showcase.  This information is TENTATIVE, and is likely to change between now and the event. If you sent in a payment and your son/players' name does not appear on a roster, please email me at and I will attempt to solve the problem. If you had intended to send your son/player but did not send in the registration forms, his name may not appear on a roster. In fact, I still have several players listed who have not yet paid their registration fee. Consequently, they may be replaced between now and the event.

I hope everybody is getting excited about the event! As I have stated previously, this showcase is the biggest and most competitive event in the history of the Buckeye Prep Report! The level of talent that will be in the gym is unmatched by like events. Me and my staff are working hard to make this an exciting experience for all involved.  Please continue to visit the website as updates are being added weekly. Also, I will be posting the rosters for the Ohio North vs South and Michigan vs Ohio games in the next few days.

Showcase Documents (TENTATIVE)