Sunday, September 27, 2020


In our continued effort to provide the most effective platform for young basketball players looking to maximize their potential, we have invested in a new website that will update our capabilities to provide maximum exposure to our athletes and interesting content to those who have an interest in what’s happing with youth basketball around the Buckeye State.  One of the most exciting features is the user-friendly nature of the website both in desktop and mobile application. From your mobile device, you will better able to navigate through the various subject tabs.  In addition, we believe you will find our stories more assessable and easier to read.

Moreover, with the launch of the new site, you will note that we have made significant updates to our player rankings.  In addition to being more specific about where we rank players, in some case we have added more detailed player profiles. These profiles, and overall rankings for that matter, will be updated on a much more frequent basis, as we see and hear about player performance from week-to-week.  As a caveat, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, our ability to watch and evaluate players has been greatly compromised; consequently, we were forced to rely on dated observations, which may not have fully captured a player’s growth and development.  Part of what we did rely on was word of mouth for coaches around the state who may have seen a player more recently than we have.  Rest assured that once the COVID-19 crises is in our rear view mirror, we will be out and about re-evaluating players and updating our lists!

Because our original Buckeye Prep blog is loaded with historical information about all of the great teams and players who have attended our events, as well as all of the stories and features we have published, the new site will still allow access to the blog via a dedicated tab. Additionally, our readers will continue to have access to our archives where they can find more historical information about the results/coverage of our past events.  We feel this information is important so that parents and prospective event attendees can do research and their due diligence in determining future events.  More over, parents and former participants will retain the ability to go back many years to reminisce about their past performances.

A new feature of the new site is the “Video” tab, where we will be highlighting some of the top mix tapes of the players we cover.  This will serve as yet another platform for exposure. Also new is the “Upcoming Events” tab, which will provide details of our upcoming events as well as schedule and other relevant information related to our events.  Also, this tab will be used to posts results of our events.

On another note, right now, we have activated the “Comment” feature for each story.  Although we are ok with constructive criticism, we refuse to allow anonymous people to speak negative about our young people.  If you want to communicate any questions or  concerns, we have provided a “Contact” tab for those purposes. Finally, we hope our readers enjoy the new platform, and recognize that our investment illustrates our commitment to the informing the Ohio basketball community about all things youth basketball.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Pioneers Remain Undefeated

2027 R4L Pioneers
After finishing 4-0 by the end of the Midwest Circuit’s opening session in Indianapolis this past weekend, Carlos Davis’ Cincinnati-based 2027 R4L Pioneers currently hold a perfect 10-0 record.  Of note is the fact that the pioneers finished 6-0 at Coast 2 Coast Prep’s President’s Day Tournament in Lexington back in February, where they defeated the then #1 and # 2 ranked teams. 

In Indy this past weekend, the third ranked R4L easily got by Dayton’s Team BNU (47-15), Columbus’ Renaissance Seminoles (63-29), Grand Park Premier Red 2027 (55-16) and Kentucky’s Manimal Elite (64-44).  Although R4L’s success was characterized as a “team effort,” it was noted that Joshua Tyson logged in a standout performance.  R4L will compete in session #2 of the Midwest Circuit before heading out to Kansas for the Never Walk on Hardwoood Tournament in August.  Congrats to the Pioneers for repping the Buckeye State!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Rob Taylor Joins Courtsde Conversation (7-16-20)

We're looking forward to joining Lamonte Taylor on his Courtside Conversation program on July 16th.  It should be a lot of fun!  We hope you can tune in.

Get Me Recruited Website

Superfriends Resume Season with Championship

2025 Superfriends 7th Grade Champions G3 Invitational
Despite the virus-shortened 2020 travel basketball season, a few teams have recently found opportunities to compete. In fact, this past weekend the George Hill organization hosted the G3 Invitational in Indianapolis, IN.  In that event, the 2025 Superfriends dominated the 7th grade division, as they rode a 6-0 record to a title. 

The Superfriends’ trek to the championship consisted of wins over Team TAE (43-22), Semo Blazers (49-32), Indy Premiere (score unknown), B.A.D. (62-42), Progeny 2025 Select (53-44) and the Semo Blazers (52-42) in the championship game.  With their victory in Nap Town, the Superfriends have a 2-0-tournament record including a title from the Spartan Classic earlier this year.  Next up for the Superfriends is their season finale at the USBA Nationals in Atlanta, GA. the weekend of July 28th-August 1st.  Congratulation to the Superfriends players and fans for the big win.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Williams and Ohio United Prepare to Resume Season

Sole Williams 5'9" PG 2023 Cincinnati
Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year, we’ve virtually disengaged from all things summer basketball.  However, this past Saturday we spent some time checking out some talented young ladies as they prepared to resume their 2020 travel basketball season with the first-year Ohio United program. Our primary goal was to gage the development of Sole Williams (5’9”/PG/2023/Cincinnati), a Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase alum who really impressed us at several of our elite showcases the past couple of years. 

What was crystal clear from the 2-hour practice we watched is the fact that Williams has continued to develop and is poised for a breakout season when she returns for her sophomore year with the Princeton Vikings. Not only did we establish that Williams has continued to get better, and is more than deserving of her multiple scholarship offers and high major interest from programs like Ohio State, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Xavier, Marquette, Pittsburg, Arizona, Akron (offers), Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Ole Miss and Arizona State; we also learned that her U-17 Ohio United (OU) squad is absolutely brimming over with talent.  In fact, OU’s roster has at least 15 players with D-I offers already in hand. 

Some of the big name players on the U-17 Ohio United roster include: Ayanna Patterson (6’4”/WF/2022/Ft. Wayne, IN), Alexis Hess (6’1”/WF/2023/Redding, PA), Maliyah Johnson (6’1”/W/PF2021/Columbus, OH), and Jordan Wright(5’7”/PG/2022/Detroit, MI).  Not only is the U-17 team loaded, Ohio Unity’s program has a number of younger players who are also elite. Some of those studs include: Charia Smith (6’2”/PF/2022/Columbus, OH), Abby Riddle (5’11”/CG/2023/Baltimore, OH), and Kamryn Grant (6’1”/WF/2024/Columbus, OH).

Although a majority of travel teams have shut it down for the season. Coach Richard Jeter’s squad is practicing a couple of times per week here in Columbus with plans to resume their season in July.  Depending on the information coming out of the NCAA, Ohio United’s plans include local and major tournaments around the country as well as elite college exposure events.  Based on the talent level in this program as well as some of the big names that are supporting the program (i.e., Mike Flynn), the future looks bright for this fledging organization.  We intend to keep an eye out for their progress.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

VonCameron Davis Selected as Ohio Mr. Basketball

VonCameron Davis-2020 Ohio Mr. Basketball
The Buckeye Prep Report would like to congratulate VonCameron Davis on his selection as Ohio Mr. Basketball.  We had the pleasure of watching Davis develop over the past several years and were impressed with his play at our elite showcases and tournaments.  We could tell very early on that Davis had DI talent.  In fact, you can catch Davis in action at the next level, as he has committed to Kent State University. Congratulations to VonCameron, his family and coaches for this significant honor!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Buckeye Prep Invitational Postponed (June 5th-7th)

Due to the nature of the Corona Virus, the Buckeye Prep Invitational has be rescheduled until June 5th-7th. Please see the email below for more specifics. Please be safe!


As you probably expect, due to the nature of the Corona Virus scare, the Buckeye Prep Invitational will have to be “POSTPONED.”  Although I was holding out hope that my facilities would honor our dates, due to public safety concerns, the various universities and high schools I intended to use have shut down for several weeks.  Despite my disappointment in having to postpone the event, it is my hope that we can hold our tournament later this summer. In fact, I have set a tentative date for June 5th-7th.  With that said, this date is tentative until I can confirm with my facilities that those dates are available.

I know that traditionally, most teams are wrapping up their seasons by June, but with the situation with the virus so far, which has resulted in missed tournaments in March and April, I hope you will also adjust your schedules and extend your season in to June in order to salvage at least some of the season for your players and parents. I know that many of you have already made plans, but I hope you will make the adjustment and add this event to your revised schedule.  Bottom line, basketball is shut down for the next several weeks, so I have to think there will be a serious pent-up demand to get back in the gym as soon as possible. You should know that I have already talked to several coaches, who plan to attend our event in June!

Finally, rest assured that you can expect a full refund (minus 2.9% + .30 for Pay Pal payments) within the next 2 weeks unless you intend to attend our event in June and you want us to retain your payment to hold your spot. Unless I hear otherwise, I will begin processing refunds by the end of next week. One last request, in response to this email, can you let me know if your team/organization will consider attending our event in June?  I would like to restart a "Committed Team" list and resume promotion. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in June.  Please be safe during these unprecedented times, and God Bless you and your family

Rob Taylor
Buckeye Prep Report

Friday, March 6, 2020

Superfriends Start Season With Spartan Showcase Classic Title

Superfriends 2025 Spartan Showcase Classic Champions
On Sunday, on the strength of a 6-0 run, the 2025 Superfriends captured an early season championship with a 67-54 win over Bates Fundamental in the Platinum Division finals of the Spartan Showcase Classic in East Lansing, Michigan. Superfriends’ trek to championship included wins over Sky’s the Limit  (61-28), Michigan Warriors (62-35), Bates Fundamental (59-44), Grand Park Premier (57-28), Quest 2025 (55-52) and Bates Fundamental (Championship game).

Standout performers for superfriends included: Jerry Easter II. Cameron Sparks, Cydan Loescher, Damion Porter and Lcare Bakadisula. According to Coach Jerry Easter Sr., his squad’s success can best be attributed to the team’s “…high basketball IQ and their willingness to play as a team.”  With that lethal combination, Superfriends has amassed an impressive 53-0 record since the beginning of last season.  Next up for Superfriends is the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament in Columbus the weekend of March 27th-29th, where they will attempt to defend their 2019 title.  We can’t wait to catch them in action!

While we’re at it, we have to give a shout out to the Ohio-based 2026 Bates Fundamental for taking the 6th grade Bronze Championship of the same tournament.  Also, All-Ohio Red's 2027 team brought back a championship to the Buckeye State as well.  Congrats to both teams for a job well done!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Holloway Already Ahead of the Game

Askia Holloway Jr 2029 PG Dayton
From what we hear and what we see in the mixtape below, Askia Holloway Jr. (2029/PG/Dayton) is already ahead of many players in his class.  Not only is his handle elite for his age (8), his ability and willingness to find open teammates is nothing less than spectacular.  Moreover, he already changes speed and direction and understands how to create space at a high level.  But that’s not all; he also defends well, and just when we thought he was just all about dropping dimes, we learned that he’s offensively gifted as well, with his ability to get to the cup create space shoot from deep. 

This past winter, Holloway played in the local Dayton Metro League and averaged about 18-19 points per game, and in the summer, he ran with All-Ohio Red, where averaged about 9 points per game. This summer, he will play for his father and the Cincinnati-based Bates Fundamental. We hope to get a closer look at Holloway later this summer.  Shout out to T3TV for keeping us updated on the top young talent in the state! T3TV and his team will be covering the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament March 27th-29th.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Warriors End Season with Championship

New Birth Warriors-6th Grade Presidents Day Cup Champion
This past weekend, Coach Bradley’s 6th grade New Birth Warriors team capped off the 2019/2020 winter season with a 4-0 run and a title at the MWX Presidents Day Cup Tournament in Cincinnati. With wins over Crossover Elite (86-5), Kentucky Show (by 17 points), Team Breeze Elite (57-45) and Cincy Shock (57-42), New Birth ran their season long record to an impressive 33-1.  According to Bradley, despite being shorthanded and down 2 players, one of which was a starter, his team…”played strong, with tempo and pressured all weekend.”  Standouts for the Warriors included Darek Whitfield, Alex Campanili, JR Bates and Khani Thomas.  Congrats to New Birth for a great season!

R4L Pioneers Take Down #1 to Claim Title

R4L Pioneers KBC C2C President's Day Tourney Champs
With their 5-0 run at the KBC C2C President’s Day Hoops Palooza in Lexington, KY this past weekend, the Cincinnati-based 2027 R4L Pioneers brought back a championship to the Buckeye State.  On their trek to the title, R4L had to take down 2 nationally ranked teams, including the #15 ranked Memphis Basketball Association in the semi-finals (41-35) and the #1 ranked Indy Premiere in the championship game (52-50).  In their other wins, R4L defeated Team Rise (40-11), Team Sac (50-15) and KBE Academy (52-33).

Having combined with Mike Hill’s Cincinnati Elite organization for this tournament, R4L arrived in Lexington with added firepower. However, according to Assistant Coach Carlos Davis, despite competing a combined team, “the team played very well together.” Standout performers for R4L included Joshua Tyson (2027/G/Cincinnati) and Bryce Curry (2027/WF/Cincinnati).  You can catch R4L in action at our Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament scheduled for March 27th-29th.  Congratulations to both organizations for the win!

Buckeye Prep 2029 Watch List Released

Clevenger, Stewart, Blackmon, Sam & Postell
Below is our initial list of some of the top players in Ohio’s class of 2029.  This list represents our initial shot at identifying the top 3rd graders in the state. As you would expect, because it’s so early for this class, we are nowhere near having a complete list.  As the 2020 travel season unfolds, we will be adding names to the list on almost a weekly bases as we find about standout performances at various tournaments, camps and showcases. To reach our goal, it’s vital that we receive feedback and input from the top coaches in this class.  In fact, we always invite credible and non-biased information from those who are closer to the action.

Fortunately for us, we’ll get a chance to see most of this class at our March 27th-29th Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament here in Columbus.  As always, if you have any information about players and can help us with our list, please email us at: and we will make updates.  Let the debate begin!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

COBBA League Championship Tournament Results

Pickerington-3rd Grade COBBA Champions
On Sunday, we had the opportunity to spend some time at Reynoldsburg HS checking out the action at the Central Ohio Boys Basketball Association’s (COBBA) season ending championship.  In the first game we watched, Reynoldsburg’s 3rd grade boy’s team defeated Olentangy by a final score of 31-21.  In the game, Reynoldsburg jumped out to a 9-0 lead and never really looked back. Leading the way for Reynoldsburg was Steve Blackmon (2029/G/Reynoldsburg), who went for a game-high 9 points.  Right behind him in scoring was Michael Sellers who added 7 points.  Running the point for Reynoldsburg was Tyler Postell. We were also impressed with the play of Olentangy’s Ashland Hanna, who showed a great skill set and feel for the game.

In the 3rd grade championship game, Reynoldsburg faced off against Pickerington who they had faced 2 other times earlier this season, This rubber match game (1-1) started off tight, as the lead changed hands several times in the 1st quarter.  By the end of the first period the game was still relatively close at 15-14 in favor of Pickerington.  However, by mid second quarter, Pickerington started flexing their muscles and was ahead 21-14 at the 1:30 mark.  The game was out of hand by the end of the 3rd period (40-18), and Pickerington would go on to win the title by a final score of 52-23.  Pickerington was led in scoring by the dynamic Dallas Stewart (2029/G/Pickerington) who dropped a gaudy 20 points in the win.  If you will recall, we published a feature on Stewart several weeks ago, and his play today did not disappoint.  This kid has a chance to be good!

Tucker, Stewart, Blckmon, Hanna, Postell & Hopson
In other action, Reynoldsburg’s 4th grade team took the 4th grade title with an easy 57-23 win over Olentangy.  In the contest, we were super impressed with the play of Gabriel Tucker (2028/G/Reynoldsburg), who dropped a game-high 22 points in the win.  We’ve seen Tucker in action on several occasions and have him as one of the top 5 players in the state in the class of 2028.  We also have to give a shout out to the Renaissance Seminoles for winning the 3rd grade girl’s championship with an 18-11 victory over New Albany.  In terms of standouts, we were impressed with the play of Sarai Hopson (2029/G/Columbus), who impressed us with her poise and play at the point. All in all, it was a great afternoon of basketball! Congratulations to all of the teams and players for a great run.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Basketball Spotlight to Cover Buckeye Prep Invitational

As further proof of our commitment to provide maximum exposure at all of our events, in addition to our own in-house media coverage, we have contracted with Mike Melton’s Basketball Spotlight organization to provide even more extensive media coverage of our Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament, which is currently scheduled for March 27th-29th.  

As most youth basketball fans know by now, Mike Melton and basketball Spotlight are one of the nation’s most prominent authorities on youth basketball.  Not only will team and player related stories and features appear on the Buckeye Prep website and social media platforms, there will be full coverage on Basketball Spotlight’s website and social media as well. Basketball Spotlight's partitipation will provide more broad coverage on the east coast and beyond. 

As our motto states, we provide “Elite Competition and Maximum Exposure! Parents, tell your coaches you want the team to participate in the Buckeye Prep Invitational!  Registration is open now!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Johnson Commits to Big Ten

Sonny Johnson Jr. 5'10" PG Garfield Heights 2022
Because we always track the players that participate in our events, we would like to give a shout out to Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Alum Sonny Johnson Jr. (5’10”/PG/Cleveland/2022) for his recent commitment to Penn State.  We have watched Johnson excel for years at our tournaments and elite showcases so it comes as no surprise to us that the Peen State coaching staff has recognized his talent.  A highly skilled PG, Johnson can either score himself or create opportunities for teammates. Despite an ACL injury that cut short his sophomore season, Penn State remained committed to Johnson, who will return to Garfield Heights for his junior season.  With his commitment to Penn State, Johnson will now join his cousin, Meechie Johnson in the Big Ten. We can’t wait to watch both Johnson boys light up the Big Ten in a couple of years.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Williams Adds Strength to Bates Fundamental Squad

Adam Williams 5'10" PF 2026 Dayton
With the edition of stud Adam Williams Jr. (5’10”/PF/2026/Dayton), Coach Tre Jones’ 2026 Bates Fundamental team is looking forward to a breakout season in 2020.  As the Ohio Kings last season, Jones’ team was ranked among the top 5 teams in the state, however, by adding Williams, who will add much needed size and toughness in the post, Jones is excited about the prospects of the upcoming season. 

According to Jones, as well as what we’ve seen in the mix tape below, Williams’ strength, athleticism and “Karl Malone” type effort, will greatly enhance his team’s interior scoring.  In addition to his ability to score in the paint, Williams’ size and athleticism allows him to defend multiple positions.  Along with Williams, Jones’ squad will return Jecarious Reaves (5’6”/CG/2026/Dayton), who was a starter and leading scorer last season.  You can catch Williams and his Bates Fundamental team in action at the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament the weekend of March 27th-29th in Columbus.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Stewart is Young & Talented

Dallas Stewart 4'7" PG 2029 Pickerington
As most of our followers know by now, we do our best to identify and spotlight young talent from around the state and region regardless of age. From what we see in the mix tapes below, Pickerington’s Dallas Stewart (4’7”/PG /2029) has already shown a lot of potential. The son of a high school coach, it’s clear that Stewart has been in the gym working on his game. 

From what we can tell, Stewart is offensively gifted, which is aided by his ability to knock down the 3-ball, both off the bounce and in catch and shoot situations. He also handles the ball extremely well, and his court vision, willingness and ability to find open teammates makes everybody on the floor better.  He also works well in transition and finishes drives with both hands.  He’s not just a scorer, as Stewart plays great on ball defense and understands how to play passing lanes. According to his father, Marcus, “Dallas plays hard, is a great teammate and is a gym rat.”

In the winter, Stewart plays with a 3rd grade Pickerington COBBA team where he averages roughly 17-18 points per game.  Last spring and summer, Stewart rolled with All-Ohio Red where he lead the team in scoring at about 14-15 points per game.  On that same team are standouts Tyler Postell (4’3”/CG/2029) and Steve Blackman (4’7”/CF/2029), both of whom can also ball.  When we release our Watch List of the top 3rd graders in the state in a few weeks, you can bet Stewart will be featured! We also look forward to catching Stewart and his team in action at our March 27th-29th Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Get Me Recruited to Cover Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament

We have confirmed that Lamont Taylor and his Get Me Recruited organization will be retuning to Columbus to cover our Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament in March. Get Me Recruited is one of the top scouting services in the country, and their presence at our event will afford our participants a significant level of national exposure!  Taylor and his staff have scouted many of our events for several years and have always done a fantastic job providing exposure.  Below is just a sample of the exposure they provided our elite showcase last year. We’re happy to welcome Taylor  and his staff back!

Get Me Recruited Elite Showcase Coverage