Sunday, September 27, 2020


In our continued effort to provide the most effective platform for young basketball players looking to maximize their potential, we have invested in a new website that will update our capabilities to provide maximum exposure to our athletes and interesting content to those who have an interest in what’s happing with youth basketball around the Buckeye State.  One of the most exciting features is the user-friendly nature of the website both in desktop and mobile application. From your mobile device, you will better able to navigate through the various subject tabs.  In addition, we believe you will find our stories more assessable and easier to read.

Moreover, with the launch of the new site, you will note that we have made significant updates to our player rankings.  In addition to being more specific about where we rank players, in some case we have added more detailed player profiles. These profiles, and overall rankings for that matter, will be updated on a much more frequent basis, as we see and hear about player performance from week-to-week.  As a caveat, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, our ability to watch and evaluate players has been greatly compromised; consequently, we were forced to rely on dated observations, which may not have fully captured a player’s growth and development.  Part of what we did rely on was word of mouth for coaches around the state who may have seen a player more recently than we have.  Rest assured that once the COVID-19 crises is in our rear view mirror, we will be out and about re-evaluating players and updating our lists!

Because our original Buckeye Prep blog is loaded with historical information about all of the great teams and players who have attended our events, as well as all of the stories and features we have published, the new site will still allow access to the blog via a dedicated tab. Additionally, our readers will continue to have access to our archives where they can find more historical information about the results/coverage of our past events.  We feel this information is important so that parents and prospective event attendees can do research and their due diligence in determining future events.  More over, parents and former participants will retain the ability to go back many years to reminisce about their past performances.

A new feature of the new site is the “Video” tab, where we will be highlighting some of the top mix tapes of the players we cover.  This will serve as yet another platform for exposure. Also new is the “Upcoming Events” tab, which will provide details of our upcoming events as well as schedule and other relevant information related to our events.  Also, this tab will be used to posts results of our events.

On another note, right now, we have activated the “Comment” feature for each story.  Although we are ok with constructive criticism, we refuse to allow anonymous people to speak negative about our young people.  If you want to communicate any questions or  concerns, we have provided a “Contact” tab for those purposes. Finally, we hope our readers enjoy the new platform, and recognize that our investment illustrates our commitment to the informing the Ohio basketball community about all things youth basketball.  Enjoy!