Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SMAC Goes 9-1 in 2 Weekends

SMAC Premier 2024
With a 9-1 overall record over the last 2 weekends, it’s safe to say that Coach Brad Down’s 2024 SMAC Premier squad is off to a great start to the 2017 season! The SMAC run started with a 4-1 finish at the Bearcat Classic in Cincinnati, where they lost to APEX (44-43) in the championship game. In that event, SMAC defeated Complete Player (55-54), Indiana Elite (38-35), Team Heavy (49-29), and All-Ohio Red (49-40). Standouts for the tourney included: Luke Skaljac, Derek Fairly, Devon Zabursky, Brock Beech, and Bryson Curry.

The following week, SMAC went undefeated on their way to the title of the Classic in Berea.  SMAC’s rout to the championship ran through SMAC Byers (43-17), OBC (49-34), SMAC Caleris (46-6), SMAC Showtime (44-35), and a rematch with OBC (48-22). Standouts were Luke Skajac and Derek Fairley.  So far this season, SMAC is packing a heafy 24-4 overall record.  SMAC’s early success should see them rise in the Buckeye Prep Power Rankings!

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