Monday, April 17, 2017

Pro Bound Basketball Program Dedicated to helping kids

According to Ty Hairston, Founder and Director of the Probound Ohio Elite basketball program located in Blacklick (Ohio), his own educational and athletic background led him to start his program 8 years ago with the goals of “helping kids go to college.”  Starting with only 2 teams back in 2009, Hairston, a Kent State graduate, returned to central Ohio and began to notice a need for another basketball facility and another program designed to help kids play basketball at the highest levels.   With the help of Mike Duncan, Founder and Director of the storied Ohio Basketball Club based out of Cleveland, Probound and its now 13 teams in grade 2nd through 11th is a participant in the ultra-competitive Gauntlet circuit.

Hairston’s program started from humbling beginnings after he returned to Columbus from Cleveland.  Early on, he spent time working out of The Hoop, a local basketball landmark for many years, before he decided to open his own facility.  “I kept riding by this empty warehouse and then one day I decided to do my own thing,” Hairston said.  Now, Hairston has a vibrant facility that’s used for training, team practices and for hosting tournaments, camps and other youth events. After Hairston partnered with Dave Spiller, a former Ohio State coach and local workout guru, Probound’s high school program really took off.  In fact, in terms of competitiveness, Hairston’s 9th grade team nearly won the Dallas session of the Gauntlet series last season, and his middle school teams have proven to be very competitive over the past couple of years.

According to Dave Spiller, he joined Probound 3 years ago because “…he [Hairston] and I shared a common goal.  Ty’s a quality guy and we both wanted to make an impact on kid’s lives,” said Spiller. Spiller went on to draw a distinction between Proboud and other programs. “So many organizations are more wide open; are more about win-win versus helping kids,” Spiller continued. “Probound offers a more personal touch and the people he [Hairston] surrounds himself with are solid,” said Spiller.

Since Probound’s emergence onto the local basketball scene, several other basketball programs have taken notice and have tried to emulate their success. “After we got our Adidas sponsorship other programs started evaluating our success and now you see other program with shoe company sponsorship,” Hairston added.  Hairston’s goals are simple; he just wants to help kids get college scholarships and to go on to have successful lives.  I’ve helped hundreds of kids get college scholarships,” added Hairston.  From our vantage point, Hairston and his Probound Oho Elite program is living up to its mission of helping kids reach their hoop dreams!

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