Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Buckeye Prep Invitational-Saturday/Sunday Notes

Soul Hines, CJ Anthony, Seth Wilson, Paul McMillian & Julian Smith

Despite the challenge of covering teams and players playing at 6 different tournament sites, we did our best to get around the event on Saturday and Sunday at the Buckeye Prep Invitational in search of standout performers.  Below are a few notes we took of players who were getting it done.

3rd Grade
R’moni Wells-Pride Blackwell; Julian Smith-Pride Blackwell; Jecarioos Reaves-Gym City Kings; Brayden Fogle-Ohio Rebels; and Julian Smith-Pride-Blackwell; Ashaan Singh-Pride-Blackwell; Cameron Webster-Pride-Blackwell; and Jakyvion Roane.

4th Grade:
Joseph Boddie-PG All-Ohio; Brandon Brewer-PG R4L; Jaden Simpson-NBA Collective; Josiah Sutton-NBA Collective; Amare Hamilton-Toronto City Elite; Keyshawn Summerville Prospectors; Darrien Petterson-North Coast Blue Chips; and Desomnd Briscoe-North Coast Blue Chips.

5th Grade
Marcus Blackwell-PG-MWA Elite Nationals; Miguel Brand-SG Toronto City; Tyree Turner-Bridge City; Isaiah Marshall-Nova Village; Robert Cain-Bridge City; Wokem Wells-Team Teague; Markus Blackwell-MWA National; Cortez Freeman-Team Dos-Ohio Hoopsters; Dallas Tucker-Team Dos-Ohio Hoopsters; Jordan Dicksond-Toronto City Elite; Joan Crawford-All-Ohio Blue; and Mikkel Tynne-Toronto City Elite; Miguel Braun-Toronto City Elite; Idris Grant-Tronto City Elite; Nate Spaulding-Toronto City Elite; Isaiah Marshall.

6th Grade
Reed Shepard – Team Teague Black – was the difference beating Team Teague White on Sunday; Jadi Cunningham PG-All-Ohio Red; Bedi Lori-WF All-Ohio Red; John Mobley Jr.-PG Miller Factory; Andrew Kidd-Tournament Time; Ryan Hurst-MWA Elite 2023 (MI); Jayvon Griffith-Kentucky Premier; Amire Robinson-North Coast Blue Chips; Brennan Verne-All-Ohio Red; Bradon Rose-TNBA East; Richie Koft-Miller Factory; Brennan-All-Ohio Red; Bedi Lori-All-Ohio Red; Chase Walker-All-Ohio Red; Brennan Lorne-All-Ohio Red; Michael Greenlee Jr.-Maumee Bay Turf-Jadi Cunningham-All-Ohio.

7th Grade
Emory Bates-WF Bates Fundamental  Jacob Sunderland – Michigan Titans; Jordan Brooks – Bates Fundamental; Tayshawn Comer – Team Teague; Davon Smith – Court Leaders; Michael Bova-SG TNBA Shooting Stars; Tegan Myers-Mid-Ohio Pumas; Max Sullivan-Indiana Elite/Gametime; Will Futhey-Ohio Hoopster-Hill; Gabe Powers-Mid-Ohio Pumas; Paull McMillan IV-All-Ohio Red; Cameron Myles-All-Ohio Red; Josiah Harris-PF All-Ohio Red; Jerry Saunders-All-Ohio Red; Rasheed Jones-Team Teague; and Chrishon McCray-Team Teague.

Mikkel Tyne, Chrishon McCray, Mo Blackwell, Skyler Schmidt & ?
8th Grade
Seth Wilson – NEO Tru Game - very good again on Sunday, sounds like both SVSM & St. Ed’s are vying for his services: Luke Chicone – Murphy AC – really skilled little player; Isaiah Walker – Cincinnati Royals Blue – good again on Sunday: Matthew Smith – Cincinnati Royals Blue; Landon Tillman – Ohio Hoopsters – Tillman; Carter Mimms – Dayton Wolves – good again on Sunday; Chance Amerson – Dayton – along with Mimms controlled the game in a win vs Maumee Bay Turf on Sunday; Skylar Schmidt – Cincinnati Royals White – Solid, controlled the paint in a Sunday win vs Dayton Wolves; Bryan Ottrix Jr, - Ginn Elite; Mike Skeryotis – All Ohio Phenom; Braydon Lichtenberg – Maumee Bay Turf; Joe Abas – OBC Black; Tyler Montague – Cincinnati Royals White; Kenyon Menifield – Comrade United Elite; JJ Truit – Buckeye Storm; Kobe Johnson – All Ohio Phenom; Malki Branham-Tru Game; Isaiah Walker – Cincinnati Royals Blue ; Palmer Diggio – PA Elite; Carter Mimms – Dayton Wolves; AJ Adams – All Ohio Gold; Noah Rittinger-Tru Game; Malaki Branham-Tru Game; Justin Garcia-Tru Game; and Greg Johnson-Cincinnati Royals White.

9th Grade
Luke Lachey – All Ohio Black/Dream Tracker – Huge upside, still growing, played well in a loss on Sunday to All Ohio Gold; Chris Mayfield – Mid Ohio Pumas Black – got to the rim and scored inside in a loss vs CK2 Elite; Cam McCready – Mid Ohio Pumas Black – shot it well; Harley Day – Mid Ohio Pumas Black – good upside, good feet, & athletic for a 6’10 frosh; Zach Loveday – Mid Ohio Pumas Black – very solid player; Qian Magwood – CK2 Elite ran the show in a Sunday win vs Pumas Black; Cam Davis – CK2 Elite – athletic slasher, very active, scored around the rim & got to the basket; Dom Cole – CK2 Elite – good in the paint; Kendal Marshall – All Ohio Gold – Very good in a Sunday win vs All Ohio Elite; Mason Moffler – All Ohio Gold – solid all weekend; Jackson Sizemore – All Ohio Gold – also solid; Mitch Stewart – All Ohio Elite – solid all weekend; Fred Wilkes – All Ohio Elite – also solid all weekend; PJ or Jordan McCorkle – Ohio Knockout – was good again on Sunday; Brenden Lamb – Ohio Knockout – played well in a win vs NVB ballers; CJ Anthony – CK2 Elite; Nick Smith – All Ohio Elite; Taj Staneskie – Ohio Rebels; Garven Clarke – Ohio Rebels; Max Land – Adidas Probound Ohio 2020; Jake Warriner – Adidas Probound Ohio 2020; Eamon Straub – Steel Town South; PJ McCorkle – Ohio Knockout; Dewane Robinson – NU Vision Ballers; Cooper Justice – VCC Nova Alleyne; Willeone Yates – MVP Dynasty Black; Dimitri Mitsopolog-All-Ohio Gold.

10th Grade
Ryan Greggs – All Ohio Select; Bryce Damous – Rail Cities Attack; Tommy Cummings – Summit Elite; Tanner Sevens-Rail City Attack; Wokem; Elijah Thomas-Ohio Varsity-Shooting Stars; Soul Hines-Ohio Varsity-Oho Hoopsters; Braylon Mitchell; Elijah Glenn-Ohio Varsity-Shooting Stars; and Garrick Hopkins-Rail Cities.

Championship Sunday Pics