Sunday, April 30, 2017

MWA Elite Captures Bronze Bracket Championship

MWA Elite-2023 Bronze Bracket Champs
Coach Andre Wheeler's MWA Elite squad won the Bronze Division of the 2017 Dru Joyce Shooting Stars Tournament this weekend. After losing a point differential tiebreaker, MWA Elite breezed through the Bronze Bracket with an average margin of victory of 31 points. Pool play was a mixed bag for MWA as they defeated Silver Bracket Champion Dayton Swish 31-30 and lost to Middletown Finest 38-47. As a side note, Middletown was eliminated by Gold Bracket Champion North Coast Blue Chips. Overall, MWA finished 5-1 over the weekend. The following are the game recap scores: MWA vs Dayton Swish (31-30); MWA vs Middletown Finest (NYC) (38-47); MWA vs Team Delaware (59-28); MWA vs Beach City (CA) (56-19); MWA vs  NeXT (50-18); and MWA vs Albany City Rocks  (61-37).

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