Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Buckeye Prep Invitational-More Standouts

We had our staff monitor the various facilities in search of standout performers.  At Whitehall, were a majority of the 5th and 6th grade teams played, the following players were seen balling out: Sellers Littles (7th Dayton Wolves), Mekhi Elmore (7th Dayton Wolves), Roshan Persaud (7th CIA Bounce East), Savaan Dunney (7th (CIA Bounce East), Zezan Bmns (6th Miller Factory), Kewan Hill (6th Miller Factory), John Mobley Jr. (5th Miller Factory), Donte Dearing (6th Michigan Titans), Daison Chandler (6th Michigan Titans), Jahkary Towns (6th Miller Factory), Gavin Beisel (6th Miller Factory), Hunter Smith (6th Ohio Stampede), Carter Hidd (6th Ohio Stampede), Keegan Fernlund (6th Ohio Stampede), Elyjah Hendricks (5th MWA Elite), Lee Bruner (5th MWA Elite), RU Mills (5th (R4L), KJ Wendall (6th Team Teague), Latrell White (6th Team Teague), Melvin German (6th Team Teague), Jordan Edwards (6th Probound), Miles Perkins (5th APEX), Jack Wakil (5th All-Ohio Black), Nick Harris (5th Nova Village) and Tyrell Thompson (6th Hardwork).