Friday, April 14, 2017

All Star Saturday Tips Off Saturday

In its 19th year, Capital Transportation’s All-Star Saturday will get underway this Saturday at the Bruce Howard Recreation Center (2505 N. Cassidy Ave) in Columbus. As has become a tradition with this popular event, the day’s festivities will begin with a community Easter egg hunter, followed by a series of all-star basketball games in several age groups. DJ City from Power 107.5 will be returning to add his mix of hot music and comedy. Those who have attended the event in the past know how highly anticipated this event has become. All festivities are free to the public, and include free food, drinks, face painting and many other fun activities for the kids.

Make no mistake, All-Saturday is more than just an Easter egg hunt; it’s also about competitive basketball. Four games will tip off immediately after the hunt, starting with the 6-8 year olds, the 9-11 year olds, the middle school game (2:00pm); the high school girls game (2:30pm), followed by the high school boys (4:00pm). Buckeye Prep has again been asked to select the rosters for the middle and high school games. Participation in the games is free, and each player will receive a nice award and a game t-shirt.

With the help of Devon Howard, the high school rosters have been finalized. This event has always attracted the top players in central Ohio. Some of the players who have participated in the games include BJ Mullins, Jamel Cornley, Yancy Gates, Elijah Allen, Devon Moore, Jarred Sullinger, Trey Burke, Stevie Taylor, Rob Brandenburg, and Elijah Macon. This year, the following players will be participating in this year’s high school game:

West All-Stars: Gavin Brown, Danny Corbett, CJ Prater, Ant Mills, Debaji Walker, Austin Bennett, CJ Anthony, Quan Magwood, Brandon Waugh and Elijah Thomas.

East All-Stars: Matt Smith, Elijah Glenn, Tyler Ruff, Antonine Blackshear, Jake Garrison, Basit Seidu, Anthony Tyree, Marcus Johnson, Isaiah Kennedy, and Braylon Mitchell.

The following are the middle school rosters:

West All-Stars: Idris Lawson, Patrick Daniels Jr., AJ Glover, TJ Pugh, Jordan Lowrey, Jake Lusk, Jalen Sullenger, Cameron Cook, Mikale Massey, Petter Pedrozo, and Henry Hinkle.

East All-Stars: Alex Williams, Wil Sizer, Landon Tilman, Marcus Stewart, Omar Effiong, Tasos Cook, Carter Jones, Daaron Brown, Dez Watson, Paul Wilson and Tyresse.

If you're in town and want to see some competitive basketball, we suggest you make your way over to the Bruce Howard Recreational Center Saturday afternoon; you won't be sorry!

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