Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Player Rankings

Murrary, Malone, Henderson, Bohanon, Summerville & Ford
Judging by all of the post-event positive feedback we received, the 2019 spring Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase was a complete success!  We were very excited about the level of competition in the gym as well as the team-oriented play exhibited by the players. The classes of 2027 and 2028 got their first experience with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase event and their level of play was outstanding!  The girls division was also very competitive again and a number of the state’s top girls were at the event.

Below is a link to our final showcase rankings.  In terms of our criteria, in order to be ranked, players had to have participated in the entire event, including the final all-star games.  Those players who left early either were not ranked at all, or their final rankings were affected.  In order to be ranked in the top 5, players had to not only make the all-star games, but had to have been selected for a Top 5 Award.  After that, we went with the players who made the all-star games, followed by how players were ranked by their coaches.  In most cases, if a player was ranked #1 on their team, they were probably ranked among the top 10.

With so many talented players in the gym, the process can be difficult, but we did our best to be fair and non-biased. Congratulations to all of the players who made our final rankings.  For those who did not, you should use the situation as motivation to continue to work on your game, and come back in September intent on showing improvement.

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