Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Initial Draft of Prep Elite Showcase Team Assignments, Rosters & Schedule Released

The document below is ONLY A DRAFT and is being presented early as a courtesy and to provide some insight into the event prior to your arrival on Saturday.  You can expect some changes in either the rosters or the game schedules, as we continue to add/replace players who have not paid the registration fees with players who want to get in at the last minute and are prepared to register/pay ASAP! Because of the likely changes, you will need to continue to visit this website for daily updates up until the day of the event.  

Please review all of the documents carefully to insure your son/player is listed, his/her name and grade are correct and that their team is playing either 3 or 4 games (depending on boy or girl division).  If you see any errors whatsoever, please email me the information at: taylorobe@aol.com as soon as possible and I will make the corrections.  Also, if you paid the fee by Pay Pal and did not use the registration link, your payment may not have been credited to your child/player.  Please bring a payment receipt. We are still in need of a couple of coaches. Finally, if you child is not in one of the early Saturday all-star games, you do not need to be in the gym until 11:45am.


  1. How all stars teams already posted and you havent even seen the girls play? Looks like ALOT of coaches kids on those teams. Shouldnt they play the games FIRST, then u pick all star teams? seems like kinda backwards thinking. Pretty unfair to the other kids who might ball out. Awards for ONLY kids playing in all star game? so the pool games are worthless....Come on maaaan, pool games, THEN all star games, let the GIRLS earn it!

    1. Clearly, you did not read through the material carefully! Every player will have the opportunity to play their way into the final all-star game at the end of the day. Not "backwards;" dynamic! The early all-star games serve as an additional platform for the girls to showcase their talents, but the final all-star games gives every player a chance to prove what they can do. A player's body of work to date was the bases for the selection to the morning games. Going forward, we will have a better feel and our own first hand observations to use in these kind of decisions. We talked to a number of coaches around the state to compile our lists and for the rosters, and we went with a consensus. These decisions are always tough and are always questioned, but we feel comfortable with our approach and decisions! Let's all relax and let the players play; things will work out. We are excited about the turnout and look forward to seeing the girls compete!!

  2. Agree. I see majority of all the girls listed on main page thats on all-star teams. There are girls that's going to miss out that probably should be on it from coaches word. Videos being seen and what they did in middle-school

  3. LOL, Buckeye Prep im going to give you a pass since this your first yr with the girls. Its OBVIOUS youve only talk to daddy coaches who pump there kid up and kids on there team. The SMAC girls has what 3 representing OH in OH vs KY game???? The Cincy Pride team was best in state last yr (2023) and finished 4th at nationals and has NONE. Some of the girls on the rosters are laughable but it will shake itself out. Alot of parents are gonna be pissed about missing first two all star games. I guess they shouldve wrote you and hyped they kid up....LMAO!

  4. But this isn't the final roster right?

  5. The south and North 2023 All Star GAME has coaches kids that didnt earn that spot. Not fair to the better kids what a joke.

  6. everybody calm down. there will be no scholarships awarded saturday lol. taylor doing best he can. if your girl is as good as you think she is, she will be noticed. just look at coaches last names, all their kids were selected. have your daughter expose the frauds sat!

  7. Thats just it he didnt do the best he could he let coaches who had kids in the game influence him. Totally invalid now because how you trust coaches with kids to be fair, that right you cant... Its a racket.

  8. I learned a long time ago I can't win a message board debate! I will make 1 last comment in order to introduce some FACT into this discussion, then shut this down!.

    Fact #1: I'm new to the girls side and I did my best to identify the top girls in each class by reaching out to the top coaches in each class around the state for feedback.
    Fact:#2: Some coaches around the state were not interested/cooperative in providing me information about their players; consequently, their players were underrepresented or left out!.
    Fact #3: All coaches are not interested in getting their players exposure for fear of loosing them or having them "stolen," hence their reluctance to share information.
    Fact #4: I relied more heavily on what opposing coaches said about players on opposing teams rather than what coaches said about their own players.
    Fact #5:To be selected to participate in the Saturday all-star games players had to be registered (and paid) for the event (no use selecting girls who will not be there). If you're complaining, is your child/player attending the event?
    Fact #6: Most coach's kids tend to be the better players; that's why they take the time and energy to coach.
    Fact #7: Most people criticize ranking/all-star decision making! it goes with the territory!
    Fact #8: Parents need to take/keep control of their children and look out for their own interests!
    Fact #9: Every player at the event will have an opportunity to play their way into the final all-star game on Saturday and prove they belong among the best!
    Fact #10: People use message boards to advance their own agendas, often in secret.
    Fact #11: The Buckeye Prep Report will always try to be fair and objective in all decision making and will be unafraid to call it as we see it. We're built like that!
    Fact #12: We predict the players will have a great time on Saturday, while some parents and coaches will look to complain.
    Fact #13: The debate is over on this post; see you on Saturday!