Saturday, March 10, 2018

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-Early Standouts

Chris Livingston, K.K.Bransford, Grace Vanslooten, Shelby Humphrey & Taryn Morris
We’re only halfway through the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and there are already several players who are demanding attention.  No one has played any better than Chris Livingston (6’5/WF/202/Akron), who has the gym buzzing with his elite athleticism and above the rim theatrics. Livingston is doing anything he wants and solidifying his high-major potential!  His ability to handle the rock and finish at the rim is next level and exciting to watch.  Just as dominate on the girl’s side is K.K. Bransford (5’10”/PG/2022/Cincinnati), who already has an all-star game MVP under her belt.  Bransford has good size, athleticism and is a scoring machine.  She’s just playing at a different level than the other girls.  I see high-major potential in Bransford!

Talk about long-term prospects, add Grace Vanslooten’s name to the list.  At 6’0” and fluid, Vanslooten’s skill set and length scream potential! According to her showcase coach, Vanslooten, “… can do it all, has a great motor and is a shot blocker with a great basketball IQ.”  From what we’ve seen, there is little doubt Vanslooten will matriculate to the final all-star game at the end of the day.  Vanslooten is a great looking prospect. We also really liked Taryn Morris (5’6”/SG/2024/Louisville, KY), the sharp shooting lefty uses her size and strength to power her way to the cup. She rebounds well and her handle allows her to push the rock in transition. Oh yea, she appears to have a great personality!

We’ve seen Shelby Humphrey (5’10”/PF/2023/Cincinnati) compete against boys and more than hold her own.  Against girls, she’s a force! She’s more than just an adept post player, she can also step outside and do damage.  In the earlier all-star game, Humphrey proved she had 3-point range. She should make the final all-star game tonight.  Alex Watters (5’11”/SG/2022/East Lansing, MI) is playing well today and displaying deceptive athleticism and a high basketball IQ.  Word has it that Jalil Schenck and Evan Unruh are getting it done as well.  Unruh has displayed an ability to score at all three levels and plays with a great motor. Other early standouts include Becca Sanders, Darriana Alexander, Cecil Benton Jr., Jada Ward, Leah Riley, Rayanna Howell, Paris Gilmore, Audrey Potempa, Madison French, Juwan Maxey. Look for our full post event report coming within the next couple of days.

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