Sunday, March 11, 2018

Annual All-Star Saturday Event Returns

For over 20 years, Richard Crockett and his Capital Transportation company has been sponsoring All-Star Saturday, a columbus-based Easter Egg Hunt and basketball Festival.  This event has continued to grow over the past 2 decades and has become a highly anticipated staple in the Columbus, OH community.  Once again, the Buckeye Prep Report has been asked to select the rosters for the boy's high school and middle school games.  We are currently selecting players for these 2 games.  Although the rosters for the games have traditionally been developed locally, we have previously drawn players from around the state. There are no costs for participation in the all-star games, and each player will receive a trophy and free food and drinks.  "City" from the local Power 106 Radio Station will be spinning records throughout the event.  Not only will the competition and exposure will be significant, the games will be fun! If you have been selected as a Buckeye Prep all-star at previous events, you will get the first crack at this fantastic opportunity.  After that, we will attempt to find the best players we can for this exclusive event. If you are interested in playing in these games, email us at ASAP!

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