Friday, March 9, 2018

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Update Released.

Participant Email

Below is the 2nd draft of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase team assignments, rosters and schedule.  A review of the same will reflect some changes in the girls all-star game and league game rosters. Most of the changes to the all-star game rosters involved adding players to replace those players who were not registered for the event.  We also dropped the 2023 Ohio vs Kentucky all-star game because we could not find/recruit enough 7th graders in such a short notice. Also, the girls division is now sold out and we can not add any additional girls. We can, however, continue to add boys.  Please read through all of the material very carefully to insure your child/player's name and information are correct. Also check the schedule and event rules to insure your child's team has all of their scheduled games and that you are aware of the rules and expectations.  Coaches, please take a few minutes to read the coach's letter so you understand your role and responsibilities prior to the mandatory coaches meeting. Please be on time for the meeting!

For those players not participating in the morning all-star games, you do not need to be in the gym until about 11:00am.  At about that time, we will be running some skill and drills stations on three courts as a warm-up for the players. Please encourage your child to participate as it better prepares them for the showcase, keeps them from just sitting around and will help in their development.  I have contracted with IBT Academy, a local group who trains many of central Ohio's top players, so they know what they're doing. If your child's name is on a roster and you know he or she is not coming, please contact me ASAP so I can open his/her spot. Also, although all of our coaching spots are filled, as always, somebody will not show up.  If you have any interest in coaching please let us know. Because there may be additional changes between now and tomorrow, please make sure you double check the rosters and schedule after you check in for updates. Updates will be posted in several spots around the gym.

You should know, my staff and I have worked very hard to insure you and your child has a positive experience, and their interests are our primary concern!  We will also be objective and unbiased in our decision making. We ask that you adults arrive at the event with a positive attitude with a determination to just let these young people enjoy themselves without some of the negativity we see in the game.  This is not a team event! players will be here as individuals to showcase their individual talents. Please leave the team-related politics and petty grudges at the door! I hope you and your child/player is excited, because we are! See you Saturday morning and safe travel!

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  1. I'm a parent and my son is a 6th grader and it's virtually impossible 4 him to get a fair evaluation when he playing with and against mostly 8th graders. This a fuckn rip off. I came all the way from Detroit to get ripped off. This trip was a money grab