Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nike City Series-Cincinnati Players

This past weekend various cities around the state held tryouts for the upcoming Nike City Series which is set to tip off in Columbus this weekend.  Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton and Columbus will all field teams to participate in this annual event.  According to Paul McMillan, the organizer of the Cincinnati event, several of the younger age groups should be competitive this weekend. "I think the younger kids should be pretty competitive. I like the 5th grade group, and the 8th graders should be pretty good," said McMillan. McMillan also had some very nice things to say about James Burnett (PG/2025/Cincinnati), who he describes as "special." From what we hear about Burnett, he has the ball on a string, changes speed and direction like an older kid and can hit the trey consistently.  In fact, according to McMillan, some are comparing Burnett's game with his son's. "They calling him Baby Paul," McMillan said.  Burnett will be running with Carlos Davis' R4L squad this coming travel season. We certainly intend to keep an eye on this young man! Below are a list of players who made the Cincinnati rosters.

3rd Grade-Kameron Mercer, Braeden Myrick, Braylon Settelmayer, Brady Bowman, Gavin (LNU), Le'Shawn Hill, Kaden Baldwin, Joshua Tyson, Maximus Hays.

4th Grade-Jaylen Mercer, Brycen Johnson, Dylan Muchmore, Jordan Johnson, Avery Jordan, Grady Barber, Anthony Thompson, Duane Grigsby Jr., Austin Paige & Antonio White II.

5th Grade-Andy Johnson, Tyler Owens, Trey Perry, Roman Mason, Brayden Robinette, Michael Maldonado, Nathaniel Riep, James Burnett & Jordan Ruben (Davis Steel made it but is Hurt).

6th Grade-Gunner Mills, Tyler McKinley, JR Hays, Roman Mason, Deon Coulter, Isaiah Tyson, Michael Johnson, Jallen Morris, Tre Slater, Jerome White & Jeremiah Hughes. 

7th Grade-Craig Mercer, Jacob Bock, Thomas Williams, Christopher Walker, Alex Harris, Damarion Hughes, Jaylen Jenkins, Taylor Bacon, Mekhi Jewel, Ray Coney, Malakai Jones & Chalfontea Mims.

8th Grade-Joshua Kirby, Robbie Cass, Lebraun Berry, Bowen Hardman, Danny Trice, Andre Simmons, Gregory Kemp, Justin Williams, Jourden Hale & Preston Baggett.

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