Sunday, October 15, 2017

Buckeye Prep 2017 All-Ohio Teams

Seth Wilson, Meechie Johnson, Chris Livingston, Paul McMillan IV, Marlon Barnes Jr. Jerry Easter Jr. & John Mobley Jr.
For only the second time, we have selected 50 players in each of 4 classes (2024-2021) for placement onto 1 of 10 “Buckeye Prep All-Ohio Teams.” Selection to these teams was very competitive and should be considered an honor. Our selection criteria basically included how players performed in elite events that we were present.  If there was any question between 2 players, we went with what we saw with our own eyes.  Simply put, the more we saw a player the greater chance they had of making one of our teams.

We did not select “Player of the Year” (POY) this season because, quite frankly, it was too close to call for a couple of the classes, and there were some players we simply did not see play enough in relation to the other potential POYs.  As is always the case, our primary goal for compiling these lists is to give these young players recognition for their hard work and success, and to serve as further motivation for them to work hard and to continue to develop. In addition, the motivation should work both ways.  If a player was not listed on any of the teams, or was listed on a team lower that they believe they deserve, then they should get back in the gym and continue to work and develop.

It should go without saying that we never intend to slight/disrespect any player, but inevitably, we know that we will miss some players who we did not get a chance to see very often, if at all.  If you are a player, parent or coach who cares about this type of early recognition, then we would suggest that you take advantage of the exposure opportunities that attendance at elite tournaments; camps and showcases have to offer.  If your son/player isn’t attending these types of events and consistently excelling, then you really can’t expect much exposure or recognition.  Finally, there may be a slight change or two to the lists short term as we get feedback an address obvious mistakes and/or omissions. As always, feedback, both positive or negative is appreciated ( Below is a list of the 2017 Buckeye Prep All-Ohio Teams.  Let the debates begin!


  1. Quite a few kids on this 2024 list don't even play AAU... Facts!!! Also, how are hold back kids that wasn't even ranked in their original class now ranked just because they were held back???

  2. We're still refining our 2024 lists and hope to see more of the top players in this class in 2018! Expect a lot of changes in our lists in this class!

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