Monday, October 30, 2017

Crim Brothers Burst onto the Statewide Scene

Daviawne Crim 2024 PG Cincinnati & Deshawne Crim 2023 WF Cincinnati
Part of the mission of the Buckeye Prep Report and our elite showcases and tournaments is to discover and feature young up and coming basketball players.  This past September at our elite showcase, Daviawne Crim (5’0/CG/2024/Fairfield Township) and Deshawne Crim (5’11/CG/2023/Fairfield Township)  attended their first Buckeye Prep Showcase as virtual unknowns, but by the time they headed back to Cincinnati the Crim brothers he had established themselves as one of the top 5th and 7th graders in Ohio.

What caught the eye of our evaluators was the younger Crim’s ability to handle and to score the rock.  Not only did Crim play his way into the 2024 all-star game, he lit up his opponents and was his team's second leading scorer (13 points) on his way to Top 5 Award honors. Crim is aggressive to the cup, a proficient 3-point shooter, and is a great on-ball defender. As part of a local Cincy Fire team coached by his father, Cornell, Crim flew under the radar most of last season.  We certainly had not heard of him prior to his standout performance in September.

According to Durand Barnes, who has coached both Crim brothers on multiple occasions, the younger Crim has a big upside. “For a guard, he [Daviawne Crim] has exceptional speed and quickness. He also can play both guard positions and has a high basketball IQ,” said Barnes.  Barnes attributes Crim’s IQ to the fact he plays up on 6th and 7th grade teams throughout the year. 
In Barnes’ opinion, Crim needs to improve in one area. “Once Daviawne learns to focus and to control his emotions on the court his potential is unlimited,” continued Barnes. 

It should also be noted that Crim’s older brother, Deshawne Crim, is an outstanding player by his own rights. The elder Crim is a 7th grader who played with both Cincy Fire and the Miller Factory last season.  Like his younger brother, Deshawn attended the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase for the first time in September and excelled!  In fact, the elder Crim played his way into the Top 20 all-star game as well.  According to Coach Barnes, Deshawne has great ball skills, can play and defend multiple positions and is known for attacking the cup. “I think he’s top 10 player in the state,” proclaimed Barnes.  Needless to say, we expect to keep an eye out for both of the Crim brothers going forward.

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