Friday, October 13, 2017

Livingston Captures #1 2022 Spot

Chris Livingston-6'3/WF/2022/Akron
A few weeks ago the question was posed, “Is Chis Livingston the top 2022 in the nation?” Well, whoever put out the recently released 2022 national rankings out for Coast to Coast Preps (CTC) has answered the question, and it’s yes! Among the top 30 players (and “Others”) ranked by CTC, Chris Livingston (6’3/WF/2022/Akron) was ranked #1.  Although the debate between Livingston, Bates, Griggs and Bradley will undoubtedly continue, for now, CTC has made their pick.

Having watched Livingston play at a number of Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases and other elite events over the past several years, it comes as no surprise to us that some in the business think so highly of Livingston’s game. The long, fluid and skilled wing has big time upside and easily projects as a high-major prospect in a few years.  We’ve certainly had him as the #1 guy in Ohio for several years, and in fact, awarded him our “Player of the Year” last season.

Also making the 30-player list was Paul McMillan IV (6’0/PG/2022/Cincinnati) who came in at #12.  This represents a tremendous move for McMillan who has logged in multiple standout performances at multiple elite tournaments, camps and showcases this past year.  McMillan’s meteoric rise up the national rankings demonstrates that if you attend elite events, excel at elite events, and embrace the match-ups with other elite players you will be rewarded with respect and recognition.  Cleveland’s Sonny Johnson Jr. (5’9/PG/2022) was ranked #25, reflecting his long-time national reputation.  Among the “Others” recognized by CTC were Sincere Harris and Khalil Luster.  Congratulations to the above players for receiving such well-deserved recognition.


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