Friday, October 6, 2017

Molton has been Consistently Elite

Adisa "Desh" Molton II-5'3" PG 2023 South Euclid
He may be diminutive, but pound for pound, Adisa “Desh” Molton II is one of the top 7th grade players in the state.  Not only has Molton consistently excelled at our Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases, he has taken his talent across the country and excelled at a number of very competitive national events.  Molton is super skilled, quick, tenacious, and can both score and make plays.  His vision and passing skills are elite, as is his ability to shoot from beyond the arc and in the mid-range.

As an example of Molton’s consistent play this fall, his resume includes standout performances at the following events: CP3 Middle School Camp in LA (Top 20 All-Star); NEO Camp (Top 20 All-Star); D-Rich TV Camp (Top 20 All-Star); Basketball Spotlight Camp in D.C. (Top 20 All-American Game); Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase (Top 20 All-Star & Top 5 Award winner); and MSHTV Camp (Top 20 All-Star).  In addition, We have Molton ranked among the top 10 players in Ohio, selected him to participate in the prestigious North vs South All-Star Game and selected him First Team All-State last year.

Molton not only excels on the hardwood, he also gets it done in the classroom.  In fact, last year, Molton was selected to the Buckeye Prep All-Academic Team (First Team). Time will only tell how much Molton continues to grow, but with only modest growth, Molton should be able to play college basketball at some level. To get a look at Molton in action, check out his highlight video below.