Saturday, May 7, 2016

Under Armour Invests in Player Development

One of the things we learned at the UA Next Combine Series-East in Washington DC last weekend was the of level commitment Under Armour (UA) was prepared to make for their to fledgling UA Next Combine Series platform. Any time a major shoe company puts their name and resources behind an event you know they’re serious. Of course UA expected to attract the most elite players in the northeast region, but what was most impressive about the event was the emphasis on skill development. 

The coaching staff assembled by UA for the event was knowledgeable, experienced hard working and committed to insuring that each player at the event left as a better basketball player. We’re not talking layup lines; the skill station work was high level, practical and designed to enhance the player’s skill set.  Oh yea, the games were played at a very high level and were very entertaining; however, we see that at a number of elite events.  What sets the UA Next Combine Series apart from other events is the skill work that precedes the games.

Z. Loveday, D. Henry, Z. Jackson, I, Kennedy, M. Land, C. Mayfield, M. Allocco & C. Anthony
Next Saturday the show rolls into Columbus, Ohio as the Midwest Combine tips off at Reynoldsburg High School (Summit Campus). As was the case in DC last weekend, we have assembled the very best players and coaches for this event.  Like DC, an emphasis will be placed on skills and drills.  With that said, the fact the event has attacked 40 of the top 8th graders in a 7-state region is noteworthy.  As an example of the talent level, just from Ohio alone, 9 of Buckeye Prep’s top 10 ranked players will be attending the event.  Of course the states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky are sending some of their best players as well, which makes this event and the over all platform a “one of a kind” nationwide.  Below is a link to a video that provides a look inside the UA Next Combine series.

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