Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pair of 2020 Standouts Reclassify to 2021

Jack Pugh & Andy Baba Headed to the Class of 2021
Two of Ohio’s top 8th graders will both be repeating the 8th grade when the 2016/2017 school year begins in in the fall.  Jack Pugh (6’3/WF/Plain City) and Andy Barba (6’2/SG/Chagrin Falls) are both top 10 players in the state in the class of 2020, so a move to the class of 2021 could continue to boost their already sizable stock going forward.  Pugh, after returning from an early season injury this year has been lighting it up for the Mid-Ohio Pumas this spring.  However, from what we understand, Pugh will be attending middle school in San Diego, California next year, will be training with Steve Wade’s elite San Diego Select team in the winter and will return to the Pumas next summer before returning to Ohio to begin his freshman year in high school.  Barba is currently playing with the Ohio Basketball Club (OBC) and will either remain in Ohio and attend Kenston Middle School, or head down to Florida and attend IMG Academy.  In the summer, depending on his size and strength, Barba will either continue to play with his father’s 2020 OBC team next season, or play up at the U-16 level. 

Pugh is arguably the #1 ranked player in Ohio right now and would surely reclaim the top spot in 2021 if he remained in the state.  However, with Barba, already ranked in the top 10 in the state, he could vie for the top spot with the likes of Seth Wilson, Noah Peoples, Meechie Johnson, Jaden Hameed, Raymell Arnold and Omar Abuhamdeh just to name a few.  In any respect, we can expect both players to make a significant impact on the class in elite spring and summer events and at the middle school level next year.  Also, rumor has it the Jalen Dials and Javon Patton, both in the class of 2020 will be reclassifying as well.  Next season is already shaping up to be exciting.


  1. Where do Garvin Clarke rank in Ohio?

  2. Garvin Clarke Jr from rebels basketball

  3. I can't understand for the life of me why kids being re-classed is celebrated...How are we celebrating kids going to another state to circumvent the rules in Ohio? I find it hard to believe that their parents are allowing this happen....When they get to their junior year they will be emotionally drained and the kids that continued to work and who are in their correct class with pass them up...I wish both young men the best now, tomorrow and in the future but this is a sad scenario even though its new new...Thanks Rob for all you do Sir!!!..

  4. There are no rules being circumvented by players reclassifying. I do not know these families personally but I can certainly see why it would help Pugh to spend a year in California training with such a great program. The same can be said for the Barba kid wanting to go to Florida to train at IMG.

    It could also help these kids academically and have them better prepared for high school.

    If I had the financial ability to do this for my son, I would jump on the opportunity. Kids who end up playing any D1 sport in college make tremendous sacrifices to get there. It is doubtful either of these two will burn out. It is far more likely they will continue to work hard and surpass those who don't.

    Good luck to them both and thanks to Rob for digging this up

  5. The if Pugh attempted to re classify in the State of Ohio he would not be eligible to play because he has exhausted his 4 quarters of middle school eligibility...So yes he is circumventing the rule. I wish the young men the best of luck...