Sunday, May 8, 2016

Inaugural Elite 60 Midwest Challenge Debuts Sunday

Chris Mayfield, Jack Pugh, Jeremy Baker, Zeb Jackson & Sammy Anderson
When ever you have multiple elite players from around the region in 1 gym you have to create opportunities for high-level competition and media exposure.  The inaugural Buckeye Prep Elite 60 Midwest Challenge does just that. The first year event will tip off this Sunday at Reynoldsburg High School (Summit campus) and will play host to 60 elite 8th graders from around the Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky.  The field is loaded with Ohio’s top players, all of which are ranked in our top 60 player rankings.

Some of the Buckeye state’s top guys attending the event include: Jack Pugh, Chris Mayfield, Grant Huffman, Devontea Blanton, Darion Henry, Isaiah Kennedy, CJ Anthony, Zeb Jackson, John Hugley, Sam Anderson, Dominique Cole and many others.  Michigan has a whole host of talented players  coming including: Pierre Brooks, Kevin Rice Jr., Lorne Bowman Jr., Mitchell Cook and Josiah Shamsiddens. Jeremy Baker, Kyle Ross, Jahquez Williams, Karlen Coker and Omarion Brown are just a few if Indiana’s top guy heading to the event.  Illinois will be in the house with Collin Crothers, Marcus Skeete, Grayson Theron, Elliott Seager, Antonio Smith and Lance Mosley.

Each team, mostly made up of players from the same state, will participate in 4 interstate rivalry games followed by an all-star game late Sunday afternoon.  Not only will players be playing for individual recognition, they will also be representing their respective states.  The Elite 60 is small in numbers, but big in terms of talent.  In fact, with only 60 players, this is the most exclusive event we have developed, as only ranked players have been invited.  In addition, there will be several media outlets, including high school scouts who will be looking to get an early look at the rising freshman class for their rankings.  We are extremely excited about this event and look forward to seeing the Midwest’s top players!


  1. Who made the list of players for Ohio and buckeye.

  2. Because a whole bunch of talent is missing from that list such as Marcus Johnson,zack loveday,VonCameron Davis,savon O'Neal,Jordan Howard and dominic penn.

  3. Most of those players you listed were invited, but did not respond. In fact, Loveday was in until a couple of days ago but decided not to come. Also, O'Neal has been invited. The rest of the players you mentioned would be great additions! After I put the information out there, I need people to respond, which includes registering and paying. In fact, for those players who are listed, but have not registered and paid, their spot is up for grabs. First registered/paid, first in! As an example, we just added Matt Allocco to the roster in place of a non-registered player. If any of the guys you mentioned wants in, they need to step up and I will find them a spot.

  4. can you still pay and get added

  5. Is it too late to get in? I can pay & register my son immediately!
    Please call Phil @ (330)990-0624

  6. I watched sammy in a buckeye prep showcase and he was absolute garbage. Terrible shit selection and ended with 3 points.very over rated.