Thursday, January 21, 2016

Player's Stock on the Rise

Much like stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange, a player’s basketball stock often ebbs and flows throughout the course of a season, and from season-to-season. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, while providing broader exposure to the greatest number of players, we have decided to highlight a few players who we believe have the potential to see their stock rise over the course of the upcoming season. 

In terms of our methodology, we have considered several factors in selecting these players. First and foremost, these 40 plus players are not necessarily the most highly ranked players on our various top player lists, but rather players who have tended to fly a little under our radar; are on the cusp of breaking out, and have a chance to break into and/or rise up on our lists.  In addition, they tend to be players who we have not seen very much of, we may have only caught glimpses of during certain events, or heard positive comments about from credible sources.

A couple players who fit the description include guys like Warrensville’s Montorie Foster who seems to standout at just about every event we cover, and Josh Wanton who has consistently attended our Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases and has been selected to all-star teams and been ranked among the best.  We are also talking about guys like Cleveland’s Omar Abuhamdeh and Raynell Arnold who we have seen, but would like to see more of this upcoming year. Add to the list Columbus’ Dominq Penn who seems to keep getting better and better, as is Marvin Davies IV, Josiah Mobley, Makhale Massie and Von Cameron Davis

We of heard a lot about guys like Anthony Maxie, Cameron McCreay and Schyler Schmidt, but we have yet had the opportunity to evaluate them. Moreover, guys like Andy Barba, Jake Younkin, Jordan Lowery, AJ Mirgon, Lorenzo Styles who we know can play, have good upside, but we need to see more of this season. Also included on the list are guys we have never seen, like Raymar Prior, Joey Battista, Jordon Huff, Gabe Cuppe, Chandler Thomas, Montev Ware, Adrian Layson, Iasish Walker, Chase Walker, Jordan Hale-Foster, Kobe Teck and Matthew Smith, but could be and/or are considered among the elite in the state     Finally, there are young guys like Dayton’s Lawrent Rice and Cleveland’s LA Hayes, Austin Nellis, and Brendon Raymond who are all very young, but appear to have a lot of upside potential.

Below is a link to a broader list of players who have a good chance to see their stock rise this season.  Also, we plan to revise and expand this list as the 2016 preseason unfolds, and as we refine our rankings, select players for our various awards and extend invitations to our exclusive events.

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