Sunday, January 10, 2016

Huffman Excelling on Multiple Levels

Grant Huffman-6'1 SG 2020
Grant Huffman (6’1/P/SG/Aurora/2020) is not only a consensus top 10 basketball player in the state, he is also a record setting quarterback for his Aurora Harmon Middle School (scored 27 touchdowns in a season).  If that wasn’t enough, Huffman is also a straight A student, as evidenced by his hefty 4.0 GPA, and is heavily involved in several school-based organizations (i.e. Beta Club).  Additionally, Huffman is active in the Aurora area and regularly performs community service at various agencies.  Based on his current academic success, Huffman may be our first nominee for the Buckeye Prep All-Academic Team, a program we only recently unveiled.

So far this middle school season, Huffman is the leading scorer on his 10-2 middle school team, is averaging 20 points per game, and has to his credit a season-high of 27 points. During the spring and summer, Huffman runs with Malcolm Walters’ King James Shooting Stars squad, where he is one of the team’s leading scorers and key pieces.  That’s not all, according to Walters; Huffman is a lock down defender.  “He is the best defender on our team,” Walters said.  Walters is clearly a fan of Huffman’s on-court play; however, he is even a bigger fan of Huffman’s character. “He’s a great kid; the kind of kid that if I had a daughter, I would want him [Huffman] to date her,” Walters said.

We’ve seen Huffman ball on the summer circuit as well as our Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases, where his outstanding play has solidified him as an all-star and MVP.  In terms of his game, Huffman is highly skilled, shoots the ball extremely well, and is deceptively athletic.  He also posses the ability to play multiple positions, has a high IQ and an elite motor.  “He can play th 1, 2 or 2, but he plays the 2 for me because he can score,” continued Walters.

In the near future, Huffman is heavily considering attending the Cleveland area’s St Edwards High School.  More long term, he plans to attend college, where he hopes to major in dermatology and on day become a Dermatologist.  Huffman not only posses many of the skills needed to play D-I basketball, he is also genetically gifted, as his mother is 6’1” and ran college track while his father is 6’5” and played college basketball as well.  By the end of the season, Huffman is well positioned to win several Buckeye prep-related awards, including a coveted invitation to the prestigious Ohio North vs South All-Star Game. For the college coaches who routinely visit this website, get this kid on your recruiting board!


  1. As a coach who has coached against this young man many years, I can say that your write up hit it on the head. Ive said for many years that Grant was the kinda player I would love to coach and fits the type of player we try to mold in our MID OHIO PUMA organization. Malcolm Walters has done a great job building up and developing his King James team over the years. Blanton, Walters, Henry and others are a great group of young men who always find our PUMA boys at every tourney and just hang out as kids being kids. I look forward to doing battle with them like every year at the Buckeye Prep Invitational. Great job Grant! Your parents have raised you well!

    Coach Mirgon

  2. grant cant guard me