Monday, January 25, 2016

Introducing Michigan’s Ty Rodgers

Ty Rodgers 2022 Michigan
As we’ve stated countless times, we absolutely love discovering fresh new talent, then providing them with national exposure.  To this end, we would like to introduce our readers to Ty Rodgers (5’11”/W/PF/2022/MI).  While scouting the JBA Power League in Detroit, MI. this past weekend, we caught our first look at the multi-talented Rodgers and his Oakland Elite squad in one of the event’s “Games of the Week.”  We first mentioned Rodgers in a piece we published 2 weeks ago, and at the time, we had only heard about his talent; however, after evaluating him on Saturday, we are convinced of his upside potential as well as his place among the nation’s best in the class of 2022.

The big question, what can’t Rodgers do?  He’s long, extremely skilled, smart, has an elite motor and an advanced feel for the game. He runs the floor like a dear, is offensively gifted and serves as his team’s rim protector.  Moreover, he rebounds at a high rate, and with a super soft touch, he finishes around the cup with ease. We’re not finished; Rodgers’ tool bag includes a baby hook, the ability to post up, face up and drive and step outside for either a mid-range or 3-ball.  His transition game is on point, and at full speed he can stop on a dime and hit the short pull up jumper.  Oh yea, there’s more. Rodgers really excels at interior, big to big passing.  Rodgers finishes with contact and shoots free throws at a high percentage. Physically, Rodgers is lean, has long arms and big feet, which as we know, could mean he has plenty of room to grow.  Oh yea, his brother is 6’7 and his cousin is Jason Richardson, former Michigan State and NBA standout!

I know what some of you are saying, there Rob goes again hyping up some young kid who will disappear by high school.  Absolutely not, this kid has the potential to be the real deal, and we don’t say that very often.  To my college coaches who regularly follow this website, although he is only in the 6th grade, I would suggest you monitor the kid’s future progress.  To my fellow middle school evaluators, if we don’t see Rodgers in your updated rankings, you’re seriously sleeping.  We hope to see Rodgers at our March 12th elite showcase where he will get the opportunity to showcase his immense talent against the top players in the country. Welcome to the big stage Ty Rodgers!!

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