Friday, January 8, 2016

Cincinnati Area Basketball Scouting Notes

In our continuing efforts to keep our eyes out for hidden gems from around the state, region and country, and to provide a platform for exposure for the players we find, below are a few notes highlighting some of the top middle school talent in the Cincinnati area.

Darion Henry is the best player in his league because of his pure size and strength 6'4" and thick.  Currently playing the 4, he has the potential to move to the wing with continued development with his ball skills and shooting range. Henry’s upside is very good. He plays for a Princeton feeder school.  Princeton is loaded in the class of 2020, and if they keep all their athletes together they will be good in a few years. Another player from Princeton worth mentioning is Aaron Ward, a lengthy 6'4" post player who has a huge upside as well.

Jake Younkin is the best player in his conference as indicated by his 20-point average playing the point guard position. Younkin's stats to date are: 80 points in 4 games played with games of 20, 24, 15, and 21. He is 24-32 from 2 point for and 75% and 5-17 from beyond the arc for 29% and a total of 29-49 from the field for 57%. He is averaging 6.5, 2 steals, and 2 assists per game. The best thing he is doing is that he is 17-18 from the foul line for 94%. It is pretty safe to say he is probably the best shooter and point guard in Southwest Ohio in the class of 2020, Younkin will be running with the Ohio Basketball Club this upcoming season.

Khalil Davis (5’10”/SG) from Princeton is a talented lefty who can play.  Max Land is a talented player out of Mason with huge upside.  He has grown to about 6'1" and with a 6'8" father and 6'2" mother; his best days are ahead of him. Jack Cooper is a 6'3" post player from Mason who has some potential. We also plan to keep an eye out on Darweshi Hunter (6’2”/SG/2018) and Caleb Crawford (5’9”/P/SG2019).

In the CHL- Cincinnati Hills League, which is a D2, and D3 league, there is one player that stands out. Evan Prater of Wyoming is the best in this conference.  He is 6'0" and growing and should get to 6'4" by his senior year. Prater is all around good player with no real weaknesses.  Prater has also has a good feel for the game and will be running with the Ohio Basketball Club this upcoming season. BJ Bransford is a player from Finneytown who is talented, is one of the hardest workers in Cincinnati and is very coachable. We have seen Bransford on a number of occasions at our Buckeye Prep Elite showcase where he has excelled.

There are 3 players from a summer team called the SP Shooters (Jared MacCorkle (Lakoata) Sean Ealy (Clark) and Steve Gentry) who are worth noting.  Stevie Gentry is a point guard who with solid skills. He is at a catholic middle school I believe but will follow his dad who is the current head coach at Shroder High school. He is a crafty lefty.

There is a boy named Cameron Rogers from a small school called Cincinnati Christian who is 6'1", has a whole lot of potential and dominates the small MVC league.
Brandon Lanier of Mt. Healthy is a 6'2" post player who has some potential in both basketball and football.

Out of the CYO-Catholic Youth Organization below are the top players:

G.Thompson WG All Saints 5'9”- Very Athletic.
Danny Griewe PF All Saints 6'3"- Long player with good IQ
Patrick Suter PF/SF St. Sue 6'2"- Long with good IQ.
Blake Lloyd SG/SF St. Gabe's 6'0"- Athletic slasher who is tough.


  1. Would be nice if you could list graduation year for all prospects. The height and skill is hard to put into perspective without knowing their year...thx!

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  3. Are u going to watch any cmac gsmes buckeye prep Rob

  4. Should Put The Whole Team on there:

    Jamal Walker
    Kendall Phillips
    Montana Contrell
    Jalen Brown
    Sterling Berkhlater
    Jalen Turner
    Micah Grey
    Deondre Thomas
    Clay Lewis
    Elijah Eberhardt
    Khalil Davis
    Kaleb Crawford
    Jaheim Thomas
    Darrion Henry
    Aarom Ward

  5. Would love to see the Princeton players at my Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase on march 12th. can you pass the word and have them download the registration forms from the website?

  6. None of them stay with the same team year to year. Always looking for the next best thing. Probably why the game is starting to lose some of its flavor at higher levels. Fact.

  7. Jared baldock, 5'9" freshman at finneytown had a great showing at the buckeye prep fall showcase.