Thursday, January 7, 2016

Branham Flying under the Radar

Malachi Branham-2021 SG Columbus
Although we’ve mentioned him on this website on several occasions, Malachi Branham’s (6’1/WF/2021/Columbus) continued development and long-term potential have convinced us that he warrants more attention. In addition to his outstanding play this past summer with Aaron Brown’s Buckeye Prep squad, Branham is lighting up the Columbus Public Middle School League this season to the tune of 23 points per game. Branham’s combination of size and skill, in addition to a focus on his academics (has a 3.0 GPA), make him a legitimate college prospect going forward.  In terms of his place among Ohio’s elite, right now, Branham is a prospective top 10 player in the state.

What’s most impressive about Branham is the fact that his versatility, length, athleticism, speed, and ability to shoot and pass allows him to play multiple positions. This past summer, Branham demonstrated the ability to spot up and knock down the 3-ball. He also uses his length to shoot over top of opponents, and he proved to be his team’s most consistent scorer and best 3-point option this past season.  According to Coach Aaron Brown, Branham “stays in the gym.”  In addition, Branham not only excels at playing in a team format, his individual talent has been on display at prior Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases, where he has garnered MVP honors.

 Jaden Hawkins-White & Patrick Daniels 
While we are on the subject of “under the radar kids,” Branham has a couple of teammates who have been under exposed as well, including Patrick Daniels (5’10/WF/Columbus) and Jaden Hawkins-White (6’0/SG/Columbus), both of whom have proven to be key pieces to Buckeye Prep the past couple of years, and either can lead the team in scoring in any given game. With other up and coming guys like Mikhale Massie, Azzon Daniels, Daaron Brown, Will Miller and Elijah English, Buckeye Prep has a great chance of cracking our top 5 when we release our preseason Power Rankings in a few weeks.  This summer Branham and his teammates have a chance to do some special things.  We will be watching.


  1. I would like to say I'm surprised and disappointed in your comments, but with all of the hatefulness, meanness, evilness, resentfulness, envy, jealousy, vindictiveness, bigotry, ext. in this country and abroad right now, it should come as no surprise that someone would read a positive oriented story about youth success and achievement and find a reason to paint it negative and spew hate! Buckeye Prep has enjoyed consistent growth from a wide range youth basketball fans in our long history because of our commitment to all of our youth. I respect all organizations that strive to provide a platform for aspiring athletes to reach their goals, and this website clearly reflects that over our many years of existence. Say what you might, and attempt to influence who you will, but the Buckeye Prep Report will continue its mission to help kids reach their goals! God Bless and may he soften your heart!!!!

  2. That Malachi kid is super talent. Got a chance to see him on the aau circuit and even gone to a couple of middle school games. He's always improving. Look forward to following him throughout his prep career.

  3. The comments above are not reflective of the PUMA organization. We are very appreciative of Rob's support to all youth organizations. As the director of the program Im disappointed in this response, and would ask that it be taken down.

    Good luck to Buckeye Prep and all middle school teams!

  4. I echo the comments of Dave Mirgon about his Puma organization. Thanks Dave!

  5. Pumas are class. Do things right way. Always fun teams to watch especially the now 8th grade. Alloco, Pugh, Mayfeld are really good. I heard Mayfeld with Alloco in hilliard now. nice combo there.

  6. Malachi Branham now goes to Ridgeview middle school and i have had the liberty of playing with him. he has issues with anger here and there but his skills shine no matter what. he is the best player i have ever met. i am glad someone i have got to know and thew amazing skill get recognition like this.