Monday, April 4, 2011

Team Toledo 6th Graders Grab Title

Powered by the outstanding play of Brett Lauf, Team Toledo's 6th grade team finished 5-0 to claim the championship trophy. Toledo knocked off Lima's E3 Kings in the championship game.  To get to the title game, Team Toledo had to get by OIC Ball Dynasty, Millennium Fire, Showtime Basketball and the E3 Kings (twice).  You can't really talk about Team Toledo without talking about Bret Lauf, a dynamic point guard with a game beyond his years.  It's not that he is the biggest, fastest or most athletic player on the floor, but his basketball IQ, vision and skill level are off the charts.  I told someone standing next to me to me that Lauf reminded me of a little Steve Nash with the way he sees the floor and finds open teammates. If I were you, I would keep an eye on this kid, he could be special!

All-Tournament Team

Brett Lauf-MVP-Team Toledo
Zach Carpenter-Team Toledo
Houston King-Team Toledo
Jace Stockwell-E3 Kings
Jar Ward-E3 Kings

Other Players to Watch

Sha'mari Jamison-Dayton Pilots
Jaquel Freeman-Parks-Dayton Pilots


  1. I have been following the kid for years now. But let me say this...I have not seen many faster on the court with the ball in their hands. He moves faster with the ball then most kids can without. The kid is special. Dynamic. Keep your eyes open for this kid. Stud

  2. dont forget watch out for amon amison he is a lock down defender reminds me of a ron artest watch out for team toledo

  3. Team Toledo is a nice solid team with a little bit of a big 3. Brett Lauf,Amon Amison,and Houston King. They are a good team watch out for Team Toledo.