Monday, April 4, 2011

All-Ohio Purple Takes 7 of 7 BPR Championships

For 7 years the Buckeye Prep Invitational has been hosting many of the top teams in the sate, region and nation.  In every year since the tournament started, Orlando Berry's All-Ohio Purple juggernaut has claimed the title in their respective divisions.  Some people may not know or recall, but a few years ago, the BPR Invitational was arguably the hottest and most competitive youth tournament in the country, and played host to may of the players in this year's McDonalds All-American Game and a number of other high major college players.  In all of those years, Berry's squad took home the title.  He won so much, I had to start changing up the championship trophies because I felt guilty presenting him with the same piece of hardware.  Although he did not have his entire team (or uniforms), his team still found a way to get it done against a talented Ohio Hoopsters. 

Before the tournament tipped off, many people anticipated the game between Purple and Tony Lavender's new Ohio Hoopsters squad.  With players like Northland's Jalen Robonson, Cincinnati's Willie Moore, Dayton's Tyler White and unknown Zach Garber (10th grader), a lot of basketball people felt Purple could be had this year.  That was not the case as Purple road Adolphus Washington, Jalean Lowe and big CJ Gettys to the win. With his 7th win in 7 years, Orlando Berry is the first inductee ito the "Buckeye Prep Hall of Fame!"

ESPN Article
Adam Shoulder's Day 2 Report
Ohio HS Hoops' Day 3 Report
Day 3 Pictures

All-Tournament Team

CJ Gettys-MVP All-Ohio Purple
Jalean Lowe-All-Ohio Purple
Adolphus Washington-All-Ohio Purple
Zach Garber-Ohio Hoopsters
Jalen Robinson-Ohio Hoopsters

Other Players to Watch
Zach Garber

Matt Bingaya 6’4 WF Delaware
Antonio Blunt 6’5 WG Horizon Academy
Isiah Brooks 5'8 PG Walnut Ridge
Joe Ballard 6’5 WF Thirgood Marshall
Edmond Early 6’1 WG/WF Thurgood Marshall
CJ Gettys 6’11 Findley
Julian Johnson 6’1 PG Horizon Academy
Kahlid King 6’0 PG Columbus Brookhaven
Kerssey Long 5’7 PG Columbus West
Elias Osborne 6’1 PG Centennial
Matt Rhodes 6'3 WG Westerville North
Carter Smith Upper Arlington
Dominque Stollings 6’1 WG Northmont
Joe Thomasson 6’3 WG Thurgood Marshall
Andre Yates 6’0 PG Trotwood Madison

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