Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Bigs

Dequandre Dentment (9th Grade)
Everybody loves to watch the guards, but guards tend to be a "dime a dozen."  However, bigs are often hard to come by and are often crucial to the success of their teams.  The Buckeye Prep Invitational played host to several quality big men.  Below is a list of some of the post players we saw at the event.  The list below contains names of players who are most likely to be long-term post prospects.

Long-Term Post Players

CJ Gettys 6’11 Findley (11th)
Jalen Robinson 6’8 Northland (11th)
Zach Garber 6’7 Vanlue (10th)
Nick Detlev 6’10 Norte Dame Cathedral (9th)
Tyler Heron 6’8 St. Edwards (9th)
Dequandre Dentment 6’7 Lansing Catholic Central (MI) (9th)
Nate Fowler 6’6 Cincinnati (8th)
Kevin “Sticks” Fisher 6'6 Groveport (8th)
Esa Ahmed 6'4 Cleveland (8th)
Rob Dowdy 6'5 Westerville (8th)

CJ Gettys 6'11 (11th)

Jalen Robinson 6'7 (11th)

Nate Fowler 6'6 (8th)

Esa Ahmed 6'4 (8th)

Kevin Fisher 6'6 (8th)

Tyler Herron 6'7 (9th)

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  1. i have a bone to pick with the bigs pick on the 8th grade level. kevin fisher is horrible i seen him play in the semi final game against the Dayton Nets and the coach just has him out there. i dont' no the kids name for the nets 8th grade but he knows how to play the post very well. kevin fisher is just running up and down the court he really doesnt have a clue, but this websites is always talking about him. the 6"4 kis from team bera he knows how to play the post well also and the kid from the cincinnati knights doesn't have a clue either he's just out there because of height, that knights team is old