Thursday, October 1, 2009

Southern Ohio Top 9th Graders (2014)

Below is a partial list of some of the top 8th graders in Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas:

Davion Ash 6'3 PF Dayton-Valerie MS
Michael Barwick 6'1 WF Fairfield-Fairfield MS
Deshonte Bennett 6'0 WF/PF Dayton-Rosa Parks MS
Justin Bibbs 5'11 Dayton-Precious Blood
Bailey Butler 5'2 PG Finney Town-Finney Town MS
Robert Caldwell 5'7 PG Dayton-Rodger Westwood MS
Dwayne Chestain 5'5 PG Dayton-Wagerman MS
Vincent Edwards 6'3 PF Middletown-Vail MS
Eric Eichler 6'2 WG/WF Liberty TWP-Liberty MS
Juan Ford 5'9 WG Huber Heights Studerbaker MS
Jalen Freeman 5'8 WG Dayton-Edisen MS
Ryan Fry 5'10 WG Cincinnati All Saints MS
Adam Gigax 6'3 WF Mason-Mason MS
William Green 5'11 WF Dayton Wagaman MS
Aaron Hammons 6'0 PF/C Dayton Mary Queen of Peace MS
Aaron Harris 5'6 PG Dayton-N0rth Dayton School of Discovery
Wesley Harris 5'6 PG Dayton-Smith MS
Carlos Jackson 5'9 WG Cincinnati-St. Clemons MS
Isaiah Johnson 6'0 WF Chillicothie-Chillicothie MS
Jordan Jones 5'7 PG Dayton-Valerie MS
Martin Jones 6'2 WF/PF Forrest Park-Winton Woods MS
Aaron Kirksey 6'2 C Dayton-North Dayton School of Discovery
Jeffery Larkin 5'9 WG Cincinnati-MS Unknown
Chris Little 5'11 WG Beavercreek-Ankeney MS
Matt Kittle 6'3 PF Cincinnati-St. Mary MS
Zach McCormick 5'11 WG Wilmington-Wilmington MS
Chris Mack 5'7 PG Trotwood-Trotwood MS
Rodrick Mills 6'4 WF Liberty TWP- Liberty MS
David Mitchell 6'2 WF Von Hill-Von Hill MS
Airius Moore 5'9 WG Beavercreek-Ankeney MS
Larry Moore 5'10 WG Cincinnati
Lowell Pierson 6'2 C Dayton-MS Unknown
Tyonte Robinson 5'11 PG/WG Cincinnati-Chase MS
Blake Simpson 6'3 C Finney Town-Finney Town MS
Austin Taylor 6'1 PF Milford-Milford Jr. High
Cameron Taylor 5'11 Clayton-Northmont MS
Aamand Walker 5'9 PF Dayton-MS Unknown
Antonio Woods 5'10 PG Forest Park-Horizon MS

I would like to thank all of the coaches who assited me with compiling this list. Up next is the Northern Ohio list followed by the State-wide list.


  1. i think xavier gullatte at precious blood should be posted

  2. I agree! and Aaron's last name is misspelled. It's Hammond!

  3. Buckeye Prep should check out Isaiah Pierce from Dayton,Ohio.He`s the best big man in Dayton, Ohio. He`s also about 6`3.He went to Horizon MS in Dayton.He`s going to Northmont High School.

  4. go and check out Isaiah pierce in Dayton,Ohio A.S.A.P..

  5. I agree, Isaiah Pierce is should be ranked.

  6. Isaiah Pierce also averaged over 15 points and 8 rebounds per game with Horizon MS.

  7. You Guys Also Should Check Out Maliqe Bratchette A Big Man That Went To Valerie With Jordan Jones You Guys Have William Green On Here And He Didnt Do Anything Against Him I Think Maliqe's About 6'2" With The Skills Of A Shooting Guard You Guys Should Seriously Check Him Out

  8. Jemichael Blanton from Dayton,Ohio should be ranked. He played for All-Ohio Red.

  9. I also believe that Jemichael Blanton from Dayton Ohio should be listed!!!!

  10. that davion ashe kid is so phenomenal he's college material he's goin to do so good at thurgood marshall with maliqe bratchette an jordan jones they have there old valerie middle school team i think there ones of the best in the city

  11. Mr.Robert Taylor, what school does Lowell Pierson go to?

  12. Have you checked out Isaiah Pierce yet?

  13. There are still a few spots left for my Sept. 12th elite showcase. If you want to show you can hold your own against the best, hit me up for an invitation at ASAP!

  14. you need to check out Isaiah Johnson 6'7" 280 10th grader out of cincinnati walnut hills this year. The boy is a beast!!!

  15. Mr.Rob Taylor, if you want to see one of the best scrimmages ever, I`m telling you to go see the Northmont and Dayton Thurgood Marshall scrimmage.Isaiah Pierce,and Addison Gaulding from Northmont, and JeMichael Blanton, Jordan Jones,and Davion Ashe from Thurgood.It`s at Northmont High School, November 17th at 6:30. You gotta be there!!

  16. When are you having your next showcase?

  17. The next showcase is March 6th.

  18. William Green, Carlton Holden, and another kid named Jordan Smith will hold it down this year for Dunbar.

  19. People, you need to go check out these 3 freshmen from Dunbar High School. Carlton, William, and Jordan. They have a lot of talent and they will have to carry the team in order to be successful.

    ScountingReportNumber 1

  20. i think they should be invited to the nxt showcase on march 6,2010 if they are so good.

  21. Jordan Smith and Carlton Holden for Dunbar were the two leading scorers Saturday December 18, 2010 against Cleveland John Hay. Holden put up an incredible 28 points and Smith had 16.

  22. i think judea boston should be on that list the kid has mean driving through the lane game

  23. another thing about judea boston i dont know if he is staying with the dayton pilots aau basket ball team but he should i think he will show us that he can develope his skills with his experence last season

  24. I coached Davion Ashe as an 8th grader while he was living in Mobile, AL. He led our team to an undefeated season. There were games where I could only let him play the 1st and 3rd quarters just to keep from beating opponents too bad. He is a great kid with a level head and will go as far as he allows himself to go.

  25. I would love to see the kid at my March 6th elite showcase. For an invitation, email me at ASAP!

  26. is it too late to sign up for the showcase?

  27. No. Email me ASAP at

  28. What AAU team does Judea Boston play for?

    1. He hasn't played AAU since 8th grade. But he played for the pilots.

  29. Will Green, Jordan Smith, and Carlton Holden were the three main freshmen basketball players this season of Dayton Dunbar leading them to another Dayton City League championship. We will see how they will help the Wolverines this upcoming season as they begin their sophomore seasons with the team. C/O 2014

  30. Well, I had a chance to go check out the All Ohio City Series Statewide Showcase a couple of months ago and this year, my focus was primarily on team Dayton. Although the 2014 team only won one game against Team Toledo, they still put on a good show. Some of Dayton's top 2014 in attendence were:

    Robert Caldwell-Stivers
    Dazhonatae Bennet-Trotwood Madison
    Jermichael Blanton-Thurgood Marshall
    Rachaun Martin-Thurgood Marshall
    Cam Taylor-Northmont
    Jordan Smith-Dunbar
    Chris Mack-Trotwood Madison


  31. Judea Boston for West Carrollton is a good player he is aggresive. For a bench player for WestCarrollton he is good their jv team had a bad season but they beat The Oakland LumberJacks were Judea came off the bench and did his thing and Dayton Christian where Judea show his athleticnist and even though they lost to Xenia which is a good jv team he came off the bench at the end of the third quater and scored six points with a higlight play by crossing over one of Xenias players.

  32. If there is any AAU coach willing to help Judea He goes to WestCarrollton and he will be a junior this year at first this kid had no confidence in his game but was able to show WestCarrollton what he could do at the end of his season this kid has improve but he goes to WestCarrollton and whatever works out this summer hopefully he will shows us next season.