Friday, October 2, 2009

Ohio's Top 20 9th Graders (2014)

The following is a list of the top 20 kids in Ohio. This list will continue to evolve over the next couple of years as we get a chance to see these (and others) kids play. This list was recently turned over to the Hoop Scoop for their upcoming national rankings.

Top 20 (Alphabetical)

Marcus Bagley 5'9 WF Cleveland Heights-Wiley MS
Aaron Bushner 5'8 PG Akron-Litchfield MS
Robert Caldwell 5'7 PG Dayton-Westwood MS
Victor Dorsey 6'6 WF/PF Akron-Spring Hill MS
Vincent Edwards 6'3 PF Middletown-Vail MS
Juan Ford 5'9 WG Huber Heights-Studerbaker MS (Pictured)
Marcellus Jones
6'4 PF Garfield Heights-PEP
Marcellus Hamilton 6'3 WF Berea-Roehm MS
Tyler Heron 6'8 C Cleveland-MS Unknown
Omari Hicks 5'10 WF/PF Toledo-Devaux MS
Jahmal Hughes 5'5 WG Columbus-Monroe MS
Desean Kiser 6'0 PG/WG Toledo-Devaux MS
Darryl Long 6'3 PF Westerville-Blendon MS
Zach McCormick 5'11 WG Wilimington-Wilmington MS
Kory Pearson 6'0 WG/WF Cleveland Heights-University School
Tyonte Robinson 5'11 PG/WG Cincinnati-Chase MS
Tyreze Shepherd 6'3 WF/PF Cleveland Heights-Cleveland Hgts MS
Corey Stewart 6'3 WF Lima-St. Geralds MS
Ronnie Williams 6'1 WG Columbus-Spanish Emersion MS
Tyler Uliss 5'4 PG Lima-Shawnee MS


  1. This is great. Will Buckeye Prep Report and Hoop Scoop put together a list for the top 7th graders (Class of 2015) too?

  2. Also, I'm trying to find the dates and location for the Columbus Middle School all-star game. If you can help me with that information I would like to cover the event. you can post the information here or email me at

  3. keep it real aaron wargo should be up there he is the best pg on neo

  4. Juannnnnnnnnnn <3 !!!