Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ohio's Top 8th Graders (2015)

Below is an early list of some of the top 7th graders (2015) in the state. This list will be updated on a regular basis as new kids surfice.

Southern Ohio

Cameron Arminio 5'5 WF Cincinnati-MS Unkown
Chris Buchmer 5'8 WG Cincinnati-St. Gabriel MS
Sean Cook II 5'6 WG Cincinnati-Princeton MS
Javon Cumberland 5'6 PG Goshan-Goshan MS
Messiah Dweaver 5'7 PG/WG Dayton-Precious Blood MS
Corde' Donald 5'10 WF/PF Dayton-Richard Allen MS
Timothy Fleming 5'7 WG Fairfield-Fairfield MS
Nate Fowler 6'3 C Hide Park-St. Mary's MS
Nate Georgston 4'11 PG Cincinnati-MS Unkown
A.J. Harris 5'5 PG Dayton-Mary Queen of Piece MS
Caleb Harris 5'2 PG Dayton-Smith MS
Brice Hinton 6'1 C Trotwood-Trotwood Madison MS
Darnell Hopkins Jr. 5'4 PG (Lives in Pennsylvania now)
Diro Jeroski 5'7 WG Dayton-Patterson MS
Isiah Jones 5'5 WG Hamilton-Northwest MS
Bo Justice 5'8 WG/WF Peobles-MS Unknown
Tyree Kinnel 5'7 WG/WF Huber Heights-Weisenborn MS
Chris London 6'2 C Chillicothe-Chillicothie MS
David Long 5'10 PF Dayton-Richard Allen MS
Dylan Lowry 5'3 WG Lakota-MS Unknown
Dylan Miles 5'6 PG/WG Chillicothe-Southeastern MS
Mike Mills 5'0 PG Dayton-North Dayton School of Discovery MS
Elante Moore 5'10 PF Canal Winchester-Canal Winchester MS
Clay Quaypicou 6'2 PF Hamilton-Wilson Jr. High
Asonte Patterson 5'7 PG/WG Huber Heights-Studebacker MS
Teandre Perkins 5'8 PF Dayton-Louise Troy MS
Jake Skeens 5'11 PF Chillicothe-Southeastern MS
Macio Teague 5'6 PG Springdale-Princeton MS
Caleb Tregre 5'0 PG Cincinnati-Cincinnati Country Day MS
D'Mitrik Trice 5'6 PG/WG Huber Heights-Weisenborn MS

Central Ohio

Gage Hisey 6'1 WF/PF Dublin-Sells MS
Chris Allocco 5'2 WG Upper Arlington-Hastings MS
Isaacs Anderson 6'0 PF Columbus-Sherwood MS
Tony Anderson 6'0 C Groveport-Groveport MS
Loyd Chattman 5'2 PG Reynoldsburg-Waggener Road Jr. High
Chris Cook 5'7 WF/PF Westerville-Blendon MS
Daquan Daniels 5'11 C Columbus-Ridgeview
David Dennis, Jr. 5'7 PG Hilliard-Heritage MS
Kevin "Sticks" Fischer 6'6 C Columbus-Groveport MS
Ryan Grooms 6'0 PF Grove City-Brook Park MS
Jalen Lewis 5'2 PG Reynoldsburg-Wagner Rd Jr. High
Jordan Jones 5'9 PF Reynoldsburg-Wagner Rd Jr. High
Javeon Peterson 5'7 PG/WG Hilliard-Weaver MS
Saun Rankin 5'1 PG Dublin-Sells MS
CJ Saunders 5'2 PG Dublin-Sells MS
Laron Senior 5'4 WF Columbus-Berwick MS
Michael Simon 6'3 C Hilliard-Weaver MS
Xavier Holston-Sims 5'2 PG Columbus-Monroe MS
Camden Taylor 4'9 PG Columbus-Berwick MS
Kalil Wade 5'8 WG Columbus-Monroe MS
Frankie Weirch 5'7 WF Pickerington-Lakeview MS
Shawon Wilson 5'5 WG Columbus-Harvest Prep MS

Northern Ohio

Trey Avery 5'6 PG Mansfield-MS Unknown
Justin Blanks 5'5 WG Barbeton-U.L. Light MS
Blake Blevins 6'1 WF Ottawa-Ottawa-Glandorf MS
Noah Bramlage 6'2 PF Ottawa-Ottawa-Glandorf MS
Lavonte Collins 6'2 PF Lima-West MS
Joey Denardo 5'3 PG Aurora-Aurora MS
Andrew Dowell 5'6 WF Northridgeville-Open Door Christian MS
David Dowell 5'10 PF Northridgeville-Open Door Christian MS
Andrew Francesconi 5'11 PF Tallmadge-Tallmadge MS
Mitchell Gardner 5'8 WG Bowling Green-Bowling Green MS
ESA Graham 6'1 PF Shaker Heights-Shaker Hgts MS
Reggie Jones 5'4 WG Twinsburg-Twinsburg MS
Justus Harris 5'3 WG Painesville-Heritage MS
Kipper Nichols 6'0 PF Orange-Orange MS
Chris Oakley 5'6 PG Cleveland-MS Unknown
Elijah Pughsley 5'5 WG Lima-St. Charles MS
John Roberts 5'1 PG Euclid-St. Felici MS
Joey Schmook 5'3 WG Parma-MS Unknown
Lamonte Stone Jr. 5'5 PG Bowling Green-MS Unknown
Simon Texidoe 5'4 PF Euclid-St. Felici MS
Josh Williams 5'5 WF Medina-Medina MS


  1. i also think stivers tigers 7th grade players are good like PG Tyrell Waters and De'Aaron Hodges and SG Jeremy and Noah Howell Plus Michael Taylor from Rosa Parks who all are real good friends with Corde Donald and can play great and the other people on the list are great as well.

  2. Shawon Wilson should be in the top 25 of the 7th graders

  3. But im still happy im on here Thanks Rob Taylor

  4. hey this is noah howell and i got some game i go to stivers in dayton,ohio i should really be on the top 7th graders list so for all the scouts out there im out here so come check me out once you see me play you will put me in the top 7th grader list

  5. Reggie Jones should be in the top 25 too

  6. 6 people shouldnt be in the Top Southern Ohio List but the rets of the people are good.

  7. What six players are you referring to?

  8. Franky Geib and Liam Coyne should be on there.

  9. The best way for players to get recognized is to attend elite showcases and top tournaments.

  10. Where is the showcase tournament a list of team that play in that tournament.

  11. The elite showcase is for individual players, not teams. Information about the March 6th event is located on the top right of the web page. For an invitation email me at

  12. Xavier's name is's Xavier Holston-sims also he's 5'2

  13. Also, I'm trying to find the dates and location for the Columbus Middle School all-star game. If you can help me with that information I would like to cover the event. you can post the information here or email me at

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  15. Then I trust you will not be returning to this site in the future. A lot of people enjoy the coverage Buckeye Prep provides these young kids. If you don't like what you see here, find another website to visit!!

  16. Kyle Stergis should be in the top 25.

  17. Kyle Stergis lives in Northeast ohio and he attnded the jr all american camp and recieved an invitation to the camp in atlanta and he is attending the elite showcase on march 6th in columbus ohio

  18. Reggie Jones is also 5 6. thanks

  19. King James 7th grade team is beast come check them out

  20. im sam jones im 13 and im the best 7th grade power forward in kentucky i play high school ball and start come check me out

  21. its lloyd chatman .

  22. Man coach taylor you gotta make some changes on here . We are gaurds . You gotta come check us out . Curtis Armstrong and Niquille Bell Mifflin Middle School Point Gaurd and Shooting Gaurd .

  23. I also agree that Frank Geib should be on there

  24. does anyone know who akintola olagbemiro is i heard he's really good he plays aau in cincinnati and is in a liberty district someone give me a report

  25. I would suggest you attend my Sept. 12th elite showcase so you can match up with other talented players. For an invitation email me at

  26. martin glasper from dayton ohio is a good player he goes to Mary Queen of Peace he plays wit A.J Harris come check him out

  27. Hope to see him at my Sept 12th elite showcase! For an invitation, email Rob Taylor at

  28. i dont get why corde is on there. ive seen him play before and he cant shoot all he has is quickness and length. if he wants to play with the big boys then he better work on his shot

  29. Hi Rob. What do you do with a kid with "potential", who is consistently described as "athletic", consistently shoots the 3 and who also consistently "gets in his own way" instead of just playing? In other words, does confidence/not panicking/playing under control come with maturity?? HELP!

  30. For potential to be released, it must be accompanied by hard work. Skills and drills are a must. Too many kids are allowed to lean on their athleticism, and don't always develop the skill that is required to play at a high level. Kids do mature at different rates, but it does often help their game. If you work on the skill level at an early age, the rest tends to come with age for most kids. Stay in their ear and ask others to talk to them as well, as they don’t always want to listen to their parents.RT

  31. Worthington Christian Middle School 8th grade team had a few standout players that one should take notice of. Remember these names for future reference: Ben Baacke (6'0) Josh Kremelintzer (5'8") Brian Lambright II (6'1" 235 lbs.)

  32. CJ Saunders doesn't deserve to be in the top 10 ranks for basketball. He is no good and is only the leader of the jock clan.

  33. how do you get invited to the showcases?

  34. Top PLAYER Simon Texidor Mo Johnson J Bloxson J Roserts Anthony D Locket J Williams C Oakley B Paker A D Dowell E Ahmed K Nichols K Stergis J Harris D J IN OHIO 2015


  36. It is spelled LaMonta, and he is so quick it's amazing. played on his team, he carried us to win the ship. i prefer Monta over Gardner.

  37. Dominic Scranton, Tommy Mcelroy, Corey Mills, Nikki Bapst, Case Chamblin, Desmond Johnson and Tyreke Calvin should be on there for central ohio.

  38. Devin Smith 5'9 PG from Garfield Heights Ohio should be in the top 25 he is well talented .

    1. Your right he is well talented but people just sleep on him he needs to play for a big AAU team and get ranked in the COUNTRY.

  39. terricko early from richmond heights should have been on here