Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ohio's Top 7th Graders (2016)

Below is an initial list of some of the top 6th graders in the state. As I have said before, it is very early in terms of identifying elite players. Over the next several months, I will be watching and evaluating players to better determine if their talent warrants continued placement on this list. This list should serve as motivation for those listed as well as those players who have not yet been identified. This list has been submitted to the Hoop Scoop to assit them in developing their national top player list.

Southern Ohio

Rashaad Ali-Shakir 5'0 PG Cincinnati-St Barts MS
Nick Bennett 5'9 WF Cincinnati-St. Veronica MS
Blake Bickett 5'2 PG Dublin-Dinlin Grizzell MS
Damion Blythe 5'8 WF Cincinnati-MS Unknown
John Bubenhofer 5'1 WG Cincinnati-St. James Elm
Courtney Byrd 5'6 PF Dayton-MS Unknown
Rodrick Caldwell 5'0 PG Dayton-Westwood MS
Caleb Canter 5'2 PG Cincinnati-Glen Este MS
Jarron Cumberland 5'5 WG Hillsboro-MS Uknown
Derek Daniels 6'0 C Dayton-Mary Queen of Peace
Anthony Dockery 5'11 PF/C Cincinnati-HC Math & Science Academy
Payton Ellison 5'7 WF Cincinnati-MS Unknown
FisherLamar Florence 5'8 PF Dayton-Dayton Leadership Academy
Matt Gibson 5'9 C Chillicothe-Southeastern MS
Drew Holweger 5'5 WG Springboro-MS Unknown
Jamal Howard 5'6 WG Winton Woods-MS Unknown
BJ Henderson 4'11 PG Lakota-MS Unknown
Tyrique Johnson 6'0 PF Cincinnati-MS Unknown
Carlick Jones 5'1 WG Cincinnati-MS Unknown
Hunter Lampley 5'0 PG Wyoming-MS Unknown
Jeremy Larkin 5'2 PG Cincinnati-St. Barts MS
Bryson London 5'7 PF Chillicothe-Chillicothe MS
Darryl McClusky 5'2 PG Dayton-St. Rita MS
Evan Monaghan 5'5 WG Dayton-Spinning Hills MS
Matt Moyer 5'10 WF Columbus -Dominion MS
Mitch Peterson 5'6 PG/WG Richfield-Reever MS
Demond Parker 5'4 WG Dayton-MS Unknown
James Prater 5'2 PG Beavercreek-MS Unknown
Ashon Riggens 5'8 WF Cincinnati-Wilson MS
David Rowlands 4'10 PG Clayton-Northmont MS
Jerell Taylor 5'9 WF Dayton-Northmont MS
Jackson Tedder 5'5 WF Beavercreek-MS Unknown
Kwamane Watson 5'10 PF Cincinnati-Winton Woods MS

Central Ohio

Corey Benton 5'2 WG Westerville-Genoa MS
Morgan Billups 5'8 PF Westerville-Genoa MS
Tyrell Carter 4'7 PG Groveport-Groveport Prep
Marcus Dempsey 5'1 WG Zanesville Dresden-Tri-Valley MS
Eric Fritz 5'9 C Columbus-Tree of Life MS
Joe Levit 5'7 WF Upper Arlington-Hasting MS
Kyran McClure 5'4 WG Columbus-Ohio Virtual Academy
Matthew Moyer 5'8 PF Columbus-Dominion MS
Jacob Nowell 4'9 PG Columbus-Wstemore MS
Jelani Rogers 4'8 PG Westerville-Blendon MS (Pictured)
Jalen Tate 5'6 Pickerington-Harmon MS
Dale "DJ" Tyree 5'2 PG Columbus-Galloway Ridge Elm
Nick Ward 6'0 C Columbus-MS Unknown

Northern Ohio

Isa Alim 5'1 PG Northridgeville-MS Unknown
Kyle Ahrens 5'5 WG Versailles-Versailles MS
Trevon Clark 5'0 WG Cleveland-MS Unknown
Cameron Copeland 4'11 PG Toledo-DeVeaux MS
Devon Christian 5'4 WF Akron-MS Unknown
Raynel Franklin 5'10 PF Cleveland -Garfield Heights MS
Keith Griffin 5'1 PG Cleveland-MS Unknown
Charles Jackson 5'1 PG Cleveland-MS Unknown
Carl Jones Jr. 5'3 WG Twinsburg-MS Unknown
Larnell Nelay 4'11 PG Cleveland-Garfield Heights MS
Christian Oakley 5'1 PG Lyndhurst-Greenview MS
Phillip Grant 5'2 WG Versailles-Versailles MS
Brandon Peters 5'2 PG Bedfore-MS Unknown
Mitch Peterson 5'2 WG Bath-Revere MS
Michael Ryan 5'9 WF Cleveland-Bethlehem Christian Academy
Xavier Simpson 5'0 PG Lima-MS Unknown
Keith Smith 4'9 PG Toledo-Glendale-Feilbach Elm
Kyle Tomsach 5'5 WG Mayfield-MS Unknown


  1. I encourage you to watch a young man named Andrew Wallace who plays with the Westerville Wizzards 6th grade coyb team. this young man has huge potential along with huge stats. The team as a whole functions very well and there are several other players on that team who deserve attention as well. Dont take my word for it come on out and watch them play.

  2. I might suggest that he attend the March 6th elite showcase where other elite players will be. This would give him the chance to compete against the best and to showcase his talent.

  3. Andrew Wallace is a nice player, it's safe to say he is your best player. The Westerville Wizards has a nice team. Question.....Why are you guy's playing D2 in the COBBA league. By the way this is the head coach from the New Birth Warriors. Thanks for coming over to our gym.

    Coach Scott

  4. I encourage you to watch J.T. Dozier. Very nice player with a good jump shot and good range. With him enrolling at Huber Heights Wayne MS this upcoming school year things are looking good for the future. I'm not sure who he plays for now but I know in years past he played for Dayton Nets?

    Coach Allen

  5. If he attends my Sept 12th showcase I will get a chance to check him out.

  6. mason baich mid ohio magic

  7. I'm telling you Hershey Green should be on here. But he will be coming to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, on Sunday, September 12th. He's going to show that he sould be on here. When do the new rankings come out!

  8. LOL im not sure how i ended up on this page but I LOVE MORGAN BILLUPS!!!!!!!......litterally lol <3 <3 <3
    Morgan, I love you but you already know that cuz u said it yesterday at school :)

  9. When do the new rankings come out? Do you have these young men in order. From1-?!

  10. Mac Ardnt St brigid wolfhounds.. this website is false if he is not on here

  11. I agree with the guy above mac ardnt is a serious ball player he can dial it up from the arc

  12. This man above has the right idea he is easy one of the best on the court this man works on his game everyday and he is egre to be in the NBA he will show you that he is one of the best in Ohio plus he is surrounded by a lot of other great player.

  13. Micheal coon of IGS energy he is a great player

  14. I would highly suggest also you look at J.T. dozier too. He is a bit soft and lacks defense but has a scorers mentality! You are also missing Keegan Saben who is a sixth grader playing in 7th grade. In AAU last year he was the starting point guard for All-Ohio White 12U. He has a very nice all around game. He can take anyone off the dribble, sees the court well, and can shoot the three and the jumper. With his 5'7" height he is a great little point guard.

  15. watch for ohio crush

  16. I watched the Ohio Crush play in OYB and they were not a viable team. They did not work together and their point guard shot way to much. Watch for Mack Ardnt

  17. the point guard must of had a off day cause he can rain em in from downtown

  18. This point guard is an ok ball player he shots way to much and doesnt pass that much and trys to do everything on his own, thus he is not an all around basketall player. If i saw one prospect on that team it would have to be the 5'0" guard nick kaylor. From what i saw he is the best three shooter in central ohio.

  19. I hope to see some of these top guys at the March 6th Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase! To get an invitation to play against the best, email me at If you know a player who can play and might be interested in the showcase, hit me up!

  20. i have a question mr. taylor. my son was invited to the last showcase but was unable to attend, does he have to get another invitation to come to another one?

  21. Do you have to attend a showcase to be on this list?

  22. Any player who has attended or been invited to a prior event always has an invitation. Email me at for an invitation to the March 6th event.

  23. Patrick scott he can really shoot but hes not on there

  24. Guys seriously. Phil Norrez is easily the best all around basketball player i have ever seen. He can dial it up from way beyond the arc, and can also finish strong at the hole. his defense is legendary and he has also been known to break many kankles. just check him out for me

  25. I Encourage you to watch William Jarvis from Trotwood, Ohio (Dayton) he has a pretty good outside shot and averages 12.3 assists a game

  26. I Encourage you to watch Terence Johnson from Trotwood, Ohio. He has a smart low post game & midrange shot. Him And William Jarvis both play on The Trotwood Middle School Team.

  27. i think JaDonte Brown is a good player and should be scouted he is a good 3pt shooter and a great passer . he should be playing with King James Shotting Stars in the aau 2011 season.

  28. i think Gordon Freeman should also be on this list . he is a great rebounder & mid range shooter. He should be playing for the cincinatti lakers this aau season.

  29. How do u get on this list?

  30. how can someone get on this list?

  31. cameron edmondson plays for the wellington jaguars ....even though that is a division 4 school cameron is a hard worker on and off the court and has great talent and loves the game he plays aau for columbus evolution some of his upcoming tournaments are the dayton metro roundball classic and the cardnial classic in westerville

  32. I encourage all of you to watch Jarron Cumberland. Amazing athlete and a great understanding for the game. He will be a top player in the state.