Thursday, October 1, 2009

Northern Ohio Top 27 8th Graders (2014)

Greg Alexander Jr. 5'8 PG South Euclid-Memorial MS

Marcus Bagley 5'9 WG Cleveland Heights-Wiley MS

Aaron Bushner 5'8 PG Akron-Litchfield MS

John Cerillo 6'1 WF Pepper Pike Gesu School

Michael Clark Findley-MS Unknown

John Davis 5'8 PG/WG Beachwood-Beachwood MS

Andrew Deberry 5'7 PG Lima-South MS

Victor Dorsey 6'6 WF/PF Akron-Spring Hill MS

Anthony Glover 5'7 PG/WG Toledo-Devaux MS

Sean Gooden 5'9 WG South Euclid-Memorial MS

Austin Gutting 6'2 WF Findley-Findley MS

Marsalis Hamilton 6'3 WF Berea-Roehm Ms

Nathaniel Harris 6'4 WF/PF Toledo-Devaux MS

Johnell Hayes 5'10 WG/WF Cleveland-MS Unknown

Tyler Heron 6'8 C Cleveland-MS Unknown

Omari Hicks 5'10 WF/PF Toledo-Devaux MS

Marcellus Jones 6'4 PF/C Garfield Heights-PEP

Desean Kiser 6"0 PG/WG Toledo-Devaux MS

Vonte Montgomery 5'9 PG Garfield Heights-Garfield Hgts MS

Kory Pearson 6'0 WF/PG Cleveland-University School

Tyreze Shepard 6'3 WF/PF Cleveland Heights-Cleveland Hgts. MS

Torrey "TJ" Steele 5'4 PG Shaker Heights-Shaker Hgts. MS

Cory Stewart 6'2 WF Lima-St. Gerard MS

Chase Thrower 5'6 PG Garfield Heights-Garfield Heights MS

Tyler Uliss 5'4 PG Lima-Shawnee MS (Pictured)

Dariuos West 5'8 WG Lima-St Gerard MS

Spencer Williams 5'7 PG Cleveland-MS Unknown


  1. andrew deberry ! ;)

  2. Rosel Hurley from Shaker Heights Middle School has out played at least half of these kids.

  3. John Davis is the truth...Your Organization Should go to his school and check them out...The Fab 5 from Beachwood Middle School Class of 2014 are John Davis(fFIRE AAU),Alfred Hodge(Friends 4 Life), Julio Steven(TNBA EAST), Sterling Sanders(FIRE AAU), and Josh Goode(N/A)

  4. I will be hosting my second and final elite showcase of the year on Sunday September 12th here in Columbus. I would love to see what those kids have. If you want an invitation to the event email me at

    Rob T.

  5. Jay Slone ohio xtreme out of north east ohio averages roughly 20 and 8 ast

  6. Hopefully I will get a chance to see Jay at my next elite showcase scheduled for September 12th. If he needs an invitation email me at

  7. tyler ulis should most definately be number one !

  8. tyler is the best no one can touch him

  9. I am godly proud of these youngmen. Remember all good things come from God. Although my nephew is named on this list - it is not important that i highlight him - God will do that in His time. The emphasis should be placed on the fact that all these junior high school youngmen are apparently making good choices and are athletically talented. I pray that they stay focus and allow God to direct their path.

  10. Wow ! What an awesome thing to have happen to these young men. It is my prayer that God continues to bless my nephew and each of these talented young men. May all of them continue to excel in basketball and life ! Nephew I am Godly proud of you !!!!

    Aunt A

  11. These are pretty old...& where is Zavier Powers?!

  12. yeah i have to say that kid omari hicks is the truth

  13. Great Job Omari Hicks! Keep up the good work and you will go very far.

  14. zavier powers from lake catholic should definetly be in here.

  15. no zavier should he bobobobobobo