Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ohio South over North in Finale

Sean Jones & Adam Duvall
The last all-star game of the day pitted the Ohio North vs the Ohio South all-stars in the series finale.  With an easy 106-86 victory, the South All-Stars having bragging rights for the next 12 months. Adam Duvall led the South with a team-high 18 points on his way to Co-MVP honors, while Sean Jones earned the MVP nod with 18 points.  It should be noted the Mike Bova logged in another offensive masterpiece and lead all scorers. We got our first look at Tyler Williams and Daruis Straford, both of whom have great size and could be D-I prospects going forward.  Williams appears to be the most polished at this point, but I would take either on my team. We can’t wait to see how all of these kids play in the showcase games!

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