Saturday, September 8, 2018

2023 Ohio vs Michigan All-Star Game MVPs

Gabe Cupps & Durral Brooks-2023 Ohio vs Michigan MVPs
Game 4 of the slate of 5 all-star games pitted the 2023 Team Ohio vs Team Michigan. Although Michigan would jump out to an early lead, Team Ohio battled their way back and went on to secure the 68-59 win for the Buckeye State. With a team-high 11 points, Centerville’s Gabe Cupps was selected co-MVP, while Michigan’s Durral Brooks grabbed Co-MVP honors for the “team up North.” Also receiving MVP consideration for Ohio was Jyles Brandon, Jayvion Moore and Tyler Williams, all of whom had big time games. Also playing well from Michigan were Kadeen Brown and Steven Hendricks.  The last all-star game of the day will match up Ohio North vs Ohio South in the 2022 class.  Should be a good one!


  1. Durral "phat phat" Brooks is class of 2024.... playing up with 2023