Sunday, February 18, 2018

R4L is all about Development

There are numerous youth basketball programs in the state, but few are true grassroots organizations committed to developing young players for future success.  Carlos Davis’ R4L organization is one such program and has been in the business for over 16 years.  Having started R4L more than a decade ago, Davis merged with the Cincinnati Lakers organization for 5-6 years before returning to his own R4L brand.
“Our goals is to keep kids together and intact to move into high school ball,” said Davis. “We’re all about teaching kids how to play ball; running sets and we work with kids based on their ability,” continued Davis.

Currently, Davis’ program works with boy’s team in grades 3rd-6th.  His teams are “very competitive and are playing up this winter,” Davis said. Because R4L is all about development, the organization offers more than just games. “We provide all services including training,” offered Davis. Although the program is “pay to play,” R4L tries to hold funding raising and secure sponsorships where they can. 

In terms of their philosophy, Davis handpicks the kids he wants to work with.  “We don’t do tryouts. I recruit kids; I target the kids I want to work with. I look for support systems first and who will get them to practice.  Players and parents have to be committed,” Davis said. “We focus on long-term development; we don’t do trophy chasing,” continued Davis.

In the winter, R4L teams play up in order to find competition.  In the spring and summer Davis’ team will travel far and wide in search of the best competition they can find.  Their season will tip off in early March and will include the April 13th-15th Buckeye Prep Invitational.  Because Davis and his organization has supported the Buckeye Prep Report for over a decade, we’ve seen up close and personal his dedication, passion and how he works with the kids.  We would like to wish Davis and his players much success this season!

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