Monday, February 19, 2018

All-Ohio Takes Presidents Day Tourney

2023 All-Ohio 2018 Presidents Day Tournament Champions
The 2018 travel ball season is barley underway, but already, Ramone Humphrey’s 2023 All-Ohio squad has a championship under their belts.  This past weekend, All-Ohio 2023 went 4-0 on their way to the 7th grade championship of the 2018 Presidents Day Cup Tournament at Sports Plus in Cincinnati.  

On their trek to the championship, All-Ohio squeaked by a Margo Matts-led All Saints to the tune of 41-40.  Although Mattes dropped a cool 17 points, All-Ohio was able to get the opening pool play game win.  Next up was the Junior Lady Knights, which All-Ohio defeated by over 30 points.  Game three included a 61-21 blow out win over the Southern Kentucky Knights.  In the championship game, All-Ohio squared off against their 5th grade cousins, All-Ohio 2025, and notched a 46-26 victory on their way to  their first tournament championship of the season.

Although All-Ohio was led by a trio of players, which included Abby Riddle, Mari Bickley and Shelby Humphrey, Riddle was the driving force, most consistent, and leading scorer.  Over the course of the tournament, Riddle averaged 18 points per game, rebounded at a high level and used transition scoring to propel All-Ohio to the win. Joining All-Ohio for the first time was Akron’s Mari Bickley who logged in a standout performance as well.  Shelby Humphrey also played well and exploded for 21 points in one of the games.  We look forward to seeing several of these players at our March 10th elite showcase.

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