Thursday, March 23, 2017

SMAC Premier out of the Gates Quickly

2024 SMAC Premier Off to 9-1 Start
With their 4-1 record and 2nd place finish at the Midwest Hoopfest in Cleveland, plus their 5-0 record and championship victory at the Twin Cities Tip Off last weekend, Brad Down’s 2024 SMAC Premier team has gotten out of the gates quickly in the 2017 season.  Already 9-1 on this young season, SMAC is quietly building a case for a statewide ranking.

In the Midwest Hoopsfest, SMAC defeated SMAC Caleris (49-15), Lake Erie Defenders (49-15), Ohio Warriors (52-12) and SMAC Akron-Evans (50-27) before loosing to West Red 34-39 in the championships game. Standouts for the tournament were Luke Skaljac and Brock Beech, both of who led the team in scoring.

Last weekend at the Twin Cities Tip Off, SMAC mowed down SMAC-Garner (forfeit), SMAC Akron-Evans (54-37), Baller Boys (49-23), Red Storm (48-44) and West Red (38-33). The win over West Red was payback for an earlier loss the previous week. Luke Skaljac and Brock Beech continued to lead the team in scoring, while Derek Fairley joined the list of standouts. Although SMAC’s 9-0 start is noteworthy, we will need to see how they compete against the state’s top teams in order to truly assess if they deserve a spot in our Buckeye Prep Power Rankings!  Congrats to Coach Skaljac, his players and parents for a great start!

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