Saturday, March 4, 2017

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-Early Standouts

Scott, Allison, Walker, Elmore, Luster, Cottingham, Winfield, Perie & Greenlee Jr.
The Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is only a few hours old and already kids are making statements and demanding recognition.  Kids like Austin Allison, Makail Cottingham, Chris Scott, Brent Walker, Jaden Winfield, Tae Perie, Khalil Luster, Michael Greenlee Jr., Elmore James IV, Sellers Littles III and Juwan Turner are creating early buzz.  Below are a few of the early standouts we’ve so far today.

Chris Scott (6’3/WF/2020/Huber Heights), Austin Allison (6’3/SG/2020/Baltimore, MD), Peter Brooks (5’11/PG/Louisville, KY), Darrius Davis (6’2/PG/Pittsburgh, PA), Makail Cottingham (6’0/PG/2021/Parma), Tae Perie (5’8/PG/2021/Cleveland), Anthony McComb (6’0/PG/2021), Brent Walker (6’6’C/2021/Huber Heights), TJ Pugh (6’3/PF/2021/Ironton), Alex Williams (6’2/CG/2021/Dayton), Dana Holmes (5’8/CG/2021/Flint, MI), Wil Sizer 96’2/PF/2021/Cincinnati), Reid Carrico (6’2/WF/2021/Ironton), Shad Creamer II (5’8/PG/Mansfield), Elijah English (6’1
W/PF/2021/Columbus), Jaden Winfield (6’1/WF/St. Louis, MO), Khalil Luster (5’1/PG/2022/Lima), Elmore James IV (5’10/PF/2022/South Euclid), Joey Battista (6’2/SG/2022/Youngstown), Cecil Benton Jr. 5’8/2022/Lima), Jalen Wenger (5’11/WF/2022/Dalton), Raymar Pryor (6’0/WF/2022/Canton), Davon Eldridge (5’7/PF/2022/Youngstown), Juwan Turner (4’6/PG/2024/Columbus), Michael Greenlee Jr. 5’4/CG/2023/Toledo), Delmarr Blanton (5’3/SG/2024/Dayton), Josiah Shamsiddeen (SG/MI), Griffin Shafer.  We are still moving around the gem trying to identify standouts, so stay tuned!


  1. griffin shafer? It's Griffin Shaver,5 foot 10 inches, shooting guard, 2021, and from Mansfield Ohio.

    1. Shaver is from Ontario Ohio