Friday, March 10, 2017

Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament

Below is an email we sent out to all of coaches who have committed teams to the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament.  If you are a coach and did not receive the email, then you have either not formally committed to the event, or we don't have a good email for you.  Please take a few minutes to review the email below.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 614-203-2929 or email me at My staff and I are extremely excited about this year's event, as it will be our biggest ever!  Can't wait!"


You have received this email because you have expressed interest in attending my March 31st-April 2nd Buckeye Prep Invitational.  Let me say right from the start, this will be our biggest event ever, with over 160 teams already committed!  Also, the number of elite teams committed to this event will result in a significant level of competition! This email is designed to give you some basic information about this year's event.  First and for most, to receive the $395 registration price, you must have both your fee and registration forms submitted by March 14th.  After that date, the fee goes to $450.  The final deadline is March 24th.  However, by that date, no more spots will be available.  In fact, we already have more committed teams than we can accommodate biased on our court space.  Consequently, some of you may not get in if your fee and form aren't return promptly. Right now, it's first paid, first in!  Also, we CAN NOT accept payments the weekend of the event.  I have promised my staff that I will not make them chase down coaches Some of who intentionally hide from us) to collect fees.  With 160 teams this situation is simply not manageable! Also, by then, we will have sold out our spot We are not going to turn away a paying customer on a promise a team will show up.  If you have previously committed a team(s) to this event and have changed your minds, please contact me ASAP so I can remove your team from my list.  Also, even if we have previously spoken, I need email confirmation that you still plan to send your team(s) to the event ASAP.

We are excited to be using the Tourney Machine program to do are scheduling this year!  This will allow you and your parents to get up to date and real time updates and scores on every game from your smart phone.  We will also be able to send out instant update and schedule changes should we need them.  To this end, if you are a program with several teams, we need you to email us with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of each of your program teams, so we can contact them directly with changes and updates.

In terms of scheduling, special requests will be kept to a minimum.  However, if you have some specific needs other than trying to design a perfect schedule, I need for you to email them to me ASAP.  In addition, ALL Columbus and Dayton-based teams must play on Friday.  There will be no exceptions, because we have to have a certain amount of Friday games in order to fit 160 teams into the tournament. We have no choice.  With that said, we would appreciate other teams to volunteer to play some Friday games.  As a result, you players will be fresher on Saturday because they don't have to play 3 games.  Also, some of you will be required to play 8:00am and 9:30pm games.  These time slots are necessary in order to squees in 160 teams. It's part of the game so be prepared in case your team is selected.

We will have a printing company to print tournament t-shirts.  Because they plan to print the individual names on the back of the t-shirts, you must make sure to send in you registration/roster form by March 28th or your player's name will not appear on the t-shirts.  Also, hotel space is limited in the city, so I would suggest you make reservations ASAP.

As you know, the Buckeye Prep Report is about "Elite Competition and Maximum Exposure!"  In order for your player to have a better chance at receiving exposure, I need you to put their full names into the score books.  If you only list a number, which of course is the easiest thing to to do, when I look back at the books in order to prepare my post event report, I will be unable to identify your player's name.  Please help me provide these players with the exposure they desire by taking an extra few minutes to write down their complete names!  I plane to create an expanded list of All-Tournament Teams.

I hope you, your players and parents are excited about attending this event!  You can be assured that me and my staff are working hard to create a great experience for you.  Please plan to arrive at the event with patience and a positive attitude so that everybody can enjoy a positive experience.  Should you have any questions and concerns, feel free to contact me at 614-203-2929.  See you a couple of weeks!!


Tournament Rules:

Rob Taylor"

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