Sunday, September 18, 2016

Team Michigan Shocks Team Ohio at Elite Showcase

Team Michigan
Similar to what happened in the Ohio vs Kentucky game, despite racing out to a 20-point half time lead in the Ohio vs Michigan All-Star Game, Team Ohio lost focus and ended up going down to the Michigan All-Stars 69-79. Team Michigan was powered by the outstanding play of Wendell Green Jr. who exploded for a game-high 23 points.  Behind Green in scoring were Steve Pearson (19), Kevin Rice Jr. (11), Jalen Terry (11), Vontray Nickerson (9), Justus Salam (3) and Matt Nickolson (1).  Columbus’ Marcus Johnson paced Team Ohio with 12 points, followed by Darion Henry (11), Zach Loveday (11), Montorie Foster Jr. (9), Von Cameron Davis (7), Zeb Jackson (7), Matt Allocco (6), Isaiah Kennedy (5), Chris Mayfield (4) and CJ Anthony (1).  Congrats to Coach Wendell Green Sr. and Jerome Adams for getting it done for the “State up North.” Thanks to Coach Chris Anthony and Malcolm Walters for heading Team Ohio.

Wendell Green Jr & Marcus Johnson


  1. Ohio played selfish in 2nd half. Really bad. No one Makin extra pass and sharing it and no D. I know it a all star game and dudes try in to get they own. But never a good way to play.

  2. Totally agree. Thought Ohio had more talent overall. They just stop playing together. But future look bright in Ohio with this class! Best all around for their positions were Johnson - he is explosive athletivally. Loveday with his size and length. Alloco - quick, really skilled and know how to play. Jackson also quick and skilled. Davis is long and athletic. Mayfield strong athletic and great passer. Those would be my top 5 or 6 dudes from all the Ohio kids there in that class.

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  4. Michigan- Ohio rivalry lives on! Can't wait to see where these kids are 4 years from now! Class of 2020'