Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Buckeye Prep Releases 2016 Post Season Awards

Cochran, Livingston, Christenson, Lori, Humphrey, Brandon, Molton, Young & Yauger
Now that the Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is in the books and the 2016 grassroots basketball season has concluded, it’s time for us to release our complete list of post-season award winners.  As some of you may already know, we announced our 1st Team All-Ohio and 1st Team All-Academic Team recipients at the showcase last week. As we indicated at the showcase, selection for our awards was limited to Ohio players, and was based on our observations throughout the spring and summer at Buckeye Prep and other elite events around the state. 

For the most part, selection was about exposure and consistent standout performances. As we know, there are always players who deserve more recognition, but for whatever reason, they often go unnoticed early.  At the end of the day, you and/or your team have to play at the most competitive events as often as possible, and you have to consistently perform at a high level. If you are not playing in elite showcase events or your travel team plays in smaller, less competitive tournaments, you’re not going to get the competition or exposure you need and deserve!

As we have done for more than 15 years, the Buckeye Prep Report seeks to provide a positive platform where young aspiring basketball players can get elite competition and maximum exposure so that they have a better opportunity of reaching their future basketball-related goals.  With that said, we will be the first to admit that early exposure does not guarantee future success; however, exposure allows for hard work and dedication to be recognized and rewarded through invitations to elite events where the best players compete and where people who matter can evaluate them. It’s our hope that the recognition we provide will serve as a source of motivation for players to continue to hone their skills, both athletically and academically.  We will never see every player, but we do our best to attend events where the most talented players should be.

Chris Mayfield, Seth Wilson, Chris Livingston & Gabe Cupps
As a reminder, the following players were selected as Buckeye Prep Players of the Year: Chris Mayfield (2020/Hilliard), Seth Wilson (2021/Lorain), Chris Livingston (2022/Akron) and Gabe Cupps (2023/Dayton).  From our observations, each of the aforementioned players logged in consistently high performances and were key pieces to very successful teams that competed at a high level. In addition, each of these players have already garnered national attention and are well known in elite basketball circles.

Below is a link to our complete list of award recipients.  If your name appears on our lists, we suggest you keep working and developing to move up or to stay on the list.  If you have not yet been recognized or your talent has been under appreciated, we suggest you continue to work hard and your day will come.  Congratulations to all the players, coaches and teams who have been recognized. We hope you have an enjoyable school season and we are already looking forward to the 2017 grassroots season!

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