Sunday, September 25, 2016

Buckeye Prep 2016 Players of the Year


  1. im confused, is it Seth WILSON or Seth WILLIAMS??? someone should also proofread these write-ups before theyre published; with the amount of money that has been paid for such an event you might be able to pay someone for such a task

  2. You're not at all "confused." You know it's Seth Wilson; it's clear from the write-up and the picture who it is! Everybody in the country knows it's Seth Wilson. Our innocent mistake gave you an opportunity to get on here and just Be Nasty. Too much nastiness in this game! We will fix the error, but there is absolutely know need for your tone or attitude. My email address is If you have a legitimate concern, email me. If you want to start some mess continue to post in this comment section! smdh!!