Thursday, September 22, 2016

Buckeye Prep North vs South All-Star Game Results

Davis, Henry, Wilson, Livingston, McMillian, Ware, Hayes & Walker
For only the 3rd time ever, the 2016 Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase played host to a series of 4 Ohio North vs South all-star games in grades 6th-9th.  Because these elite games attracted many of Ohio’s top 20 players in the 4 aforementioned classes, these games served as an excellent platform for a high level of competition and exposure. In addition, because the rosters were developed based on the player’s region of residence, the outcome of the games allowed for bragging rights about who plays the best basketball in the state, north or south.

In the 9th grade division, the South all-stars used balanced scoring to cruise to a comfortable 75-60 win over the North. Cincinnati’s Dorian Henry took home MVP honors for the South with 9 points, while the North squad was led in scoring by Columbus’ Von Cameron Davis who finished with a game-high 14 points.  In the 8th grade division, the South was victorious again on the strength of a close 64-63 win. Cincinnati’s Montev Ware paced the South with a game-high 13 points, while the North was led in scoring by Seth Wilson who went for 10 points. 

The South made it 3 wins in a row with a 82-57 blowout over the North.  Cincinnati’s Paul McMillian IV exploded for a game-high 32 points on his way to MVP honors.  Although Akron’s Chris Livingston dropped an impressive 23 points to pace the North, the South was just too powerful.  In the 6th grade division, the North finally got on the board with a 1-point victory over the South.  MVPs were Columbus’ Chase Walker and Cleveland’s LA Hayes.  Well there you have it; it looks like the South has bragging rights for at least another 365 days with their 3-1 tally over the weekend.  Regardless of the win/loss record, it’s clear the Buckeye State is brimming over with talent.  Congratulations to all of the players who participated in these prestigious games and representing their regions.

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